Starburst issue 30, January, pages 38,39,40,41,42, Brian Clemens: Part Two, John Fleming, England. Interview with Brian Clemens, part two.

Primetime issue 1, July, pages 13,14,15,16, In Surrey Green A Plant Is Eating People...!?, Dick Fiddy, England. Avengers overview and the first part of an episode guide.

Primetime issue 2, August, pages 26,27,34, Episode Guide Part Two, Dick Fiddy, England. The second part of an episode guide.

The Province TV Times (Vancouver), 18 September, pages 1,?, Avenger's Macnee is Rich - But In Real Estate, Tom Watt, Canada.

Starlog, December, pages 48,49,52,64, Steed In Space: A Candid Conversation With Patrick Macnee, Steve Swires, USA. Patrick Macnee interview.

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