Daredevils issue 14, January, pages 18,19,20,21, An Interview with Sydney Newman, David Caruba, USA.

New Society, 28 March, pages 476,477, Avenging The Past, Steve Chibnall, England. Intellectual overview of The Avengers.

Timescreen issue 3, April, pages 1,2,5,6,7,8,9,35,36, The Cybernauts - A Character Analysis / The New Avengers Successful Metamorphosis, Mike Richardson & Peregrine Morgan, England. A look at the Cybernauts episodes of both The Avengers and The New Avengers.
Note - This was reissued in Autumn 1988 as Revised Number 3 and had a large picture of Captain Scarlet on the cover, along with a Christmassy inset of Steed and Peel.

TV Times, 6 July, page ?, Why there's still a Tara boom today, James G?, England.  This piece only appeared in selected TV Times regions.

Western Daily Press, 16 August, Return of The Avengers, Dan Lees, England. Rumour piece about a relaunch of the show with speculation as to who Steed's new partner could be.

The Observer Colour Supplement, 8 September, pages unknown, Clive James Ad Lib, England.

Photoplay, September, page unknown, untitled, author unknown, England.
THE re-runs of The Avengers have tickled Patrick Macnee who spent nine years playing the dapper John Steed.  "It gives me a very strange feeling that a whole new generation have been watching it on Channel 4 who weren't even born when we made those episodes!".  Patrick is back in big demand these days.   He tells me he'll be filming more episodes of the series, Tales From The Darkside (released here on video).  "The supernatural interests me," he says.  "And I've just done a pilot for a new series with Robert Wagner based on an insurance company in the city.  We did part of it in London.  Now I'm off to appear with Angela Lansbury in her series, Murder She Wrote.  I love her.   I was at drama school with her more years ago than either of us would like to remember!"  Patrick is also on the big screen in A View To A Kill, with another old chum, Roger Moore.  Said Patrick, "His wife rang me the other night and said, 'You need to lose weight Patrick, now your career is starting up again'.   Perhaps I can now start playing the parts Robert Morely (sic) cannot play!" he adds.

Starlog issue 101, December, pages 68,69, Patrick Macnee: A Secret Agent and a Gentleman, David Caruba, USA.

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