Radio Times, 20 April, page 13, Valley Girls, Linda Grant, England.
(Note, only Avengers-relevant bits have been transcribed). <snip>Was it then something of a curse to have the laughter of Mrs Peel, the archetypal 60s swinger from The Avengers, still echoing in her ears, two decades later?
'I don't look on it as a curse,' she replies. 'Thank God one is remembered for something - and it wasn't absolute rubbish. But the 60s swung by me. I was getting up at 5.00am to got to film studios. I felt so out of it because the hippies deply despised people who worked. That wasn't the thing to do. You sailed through life doing something artistic like painting a T-shirt.'

Timescreen issue 13, April, pages 1,32,33,34,35,36,37, A Day In Avengerland, Michael Richardson, England. Genius location guide.
Note - This eventually became a magazine in itself, Avengerland, which is well worth getting for anybody with even limited access to the south of England.  Alternatively, you can find updated information on Avengers locations at http://theavengers.tv/

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