Surrey & Surrounding Counties Leisure Where'n'When, January, The Boots That Took The Long Walk To The Top!, author unknown, England.

Idols vol. 3 #12, February, page 41, Tara King pin-up, no author, England.

DWB issue 87, March, pages 2,3, Avengers Episodes Struck for Channel Four, author unknown, England. News of Honor Blackman episodes showing on Channel Four.
Page two reproduces what was thought to be the only on-set colour photograph from the Honor Blackman episodes in existence...

Epilog 5, March, pages 1 and unknown (26), title unknown, author unknown, USA.  Avengers and New Avengers episode guides.

TV Zone issue 16, March, pages 16,17,17,19, Patrick Macnee, Louis Hirshorn, England. Patrick Macnee interview.

Vanity Fair, March, page unknown, title unknown, author unknown, USA. Diana Rigg test-drives the new Lotus Elan.

Vox, March, page 98, Back With Avengers, Peter K. Hogan, England.  Review of Steed and Mrs Peel comic.

Leeds Telegraph and Argus, 27 April, page 7, Television Cult Heroes Back With A Vengeance, Unknown, England. A look at a fan-organised Avengers Day.

Emmy, April, pages 1,26,27,28,29, Innerviews - The Avengers' Patrick Macnee: Cool Before It Was Hip, Danny Biederman, USA.

Leeds Telegraph and Argus, 5 May, page unknown, Treat As Fans Clue Up On Cult Show, Unknown, England. Avengers fans.

Sunday, The News of the World Magazine, 9 June, page unknown, They're Wheely Famous: True Avenger Star, author unknown, England.

Music Collector, June, page 60, The Avengers, Andrew Pixley, England.  A look at Avengers related records.

Telerama, 3 July, pages 1,50,51, Art Cynique et Jeunes Donzelles, author unknown, France.

The Daily Telegraph, 5 July, page 6, Steed and Co are back in fashion with a vengeance, Tim Witcher, England.

The Daily Mail, 31 July, page 14, Every Frenchman's fantasy girl, Stephanie Theobald, England.

Vogue (Deutschland), August, page 28, Emmastil, unknown, Germany. Looks at new fashion inspired by the 60s TV series 'The Avengers' especially Emma Peel's catsuit.

TV Zone Special issue 3, November, pages 28,29, no title, no author, England.  Steed and Tara pin-up.

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