Interview with actor Murray Hayne, TV Times 1961

WHEN 29-year-old Murray Hayne spent five months with the Birmingham Repertory Company recently, fans called him "a man with a lean and hungry look."

He is tall, perhaps a little on the lean side, but when we met at his flat in Kensington, London, he looked far from hungry. His attractive actress wife, Gillian Muir, sees to it that he is well fed.

Murray plays an escaped convict, Harry Black, in ABC's The Avengers today (Saturday). He was born in India, the son of a missionary, but when he was seven the family returned to England. After leaving the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art at 22, Murray worked for repertory companies in Huddersfield, Carlisle and Ipswich.

"In Carlisle I was directed by Guy Verney, now director of The Avengers," he said. "We met up again when we worked together on the All Aboard series."

Murray, with an impressive list of television, stage and film credits to his name has played most types of character.

Viewers may remember him best as Dr. Harcourt in Emergency - Ward 10. He spent a season at the Old Vic Theatre in London as John Neville's understudy and followed it with a spell at London's Royal Court Theatre.

Between rehearsals, Murray and wife Gillian spend most of their time decorating and converting an old house near the Thames at Kew. They hope to move into it soon.

"Murray you have been wonderful," said Gillian. "You should see the enormous ditches that he has dug for the new drainage systems." Murray held up his calloused and blistered palms with a pained expression on his face. "It's a lot of fun," he said.

The Avengers is getting to be something of a family affair. Murray's father-in-law, Douglas Muir, also appears next Saturday in the episode, "Tunnel of Fear."

In fact, Douglas plays "One ten" the top brass secret service director of operations, whose efforts are partly aimed at trying to put Harry Black (son-in-law Murray) back behind bars!

Nick Brittain

from The TV Times, England, 28th July 1961.

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