TV Times issue 270, 30 December, pages 1 and 6, Unknown, Unknown, England.  Previewing the first episode of The Avengers.
Note - this edition was for the ABC region only, and this covered the North West of England. The fact that this magazine was received by the library on 29th of December 1960 and has a picture on the front hints at the fact that these shots (and by implication the 'market' and 'sleuthing mac' shots of Ian Hendry, Patrick Macnee and Ingrid Hafner which have appeared in various books and magazines over the years - see pages 16,19 and 23 of Dave Rogers' 'The Ultimate Avengers', for example) were taken around Old Compton Street in Westminster on the 20th of December 1960 when filming took place for an insert featuring the gunning-down of Dr Keel's fiancée, Peggy.

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