Who Was That Man I Saw You With?
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Regulars (in chronological order)

Patrick Macnee
Ian Hendry
Ingrid Hafner
Jon Rollason
Honor Blackman
Julie Stevens
Elizabeth Shepherd
Diana Rigg
Linda Thorson
Patrick Newell
Joanna Lumley
Gareth Hunt
Production Staff (in alphabetical order)

Ray Austin
Roy Ward Baker
John Bates
Pierre Cardin
Phillip Chambers
Brian Clemens
Terence Feely
Peter Hammond
Alun Hughes
Laurie Johnson
Berkley Mather
Sydney Newman
Dennis Spooner
Frederick Starke
Brian Tesler
Michael Whittaker
Tony Williamson

Guest Stars (in alphabetical order)

Patrick Allen
Annette Andre
Katherine Blake
Patrick Cargill
Pamela Conway
Jennifer Croxton
David Davies
Angela Douglas
Clifford Earl
Fenella Fielding
William Franklyn
Ronald Fraser
Michael Gough
Hazel Graeme

Katy Greenwood
Murray Hayne
Frederick Jaeger
Roy Kinnear
Sue Lloyd
Mandy Miller
Andre Morell
Anthony Newlands
Eric Paice
Jackie Pallo
Lee Patterson
Lisa Peake
Robert Rietti

Edina Ronay
Iris Russell
Barbara Shelley
Pauline Shepherd
Vladek Sheybal
Charles Tingwell
Carol White
Colette Wilde
Joyce Wong Chong
Catherine Woodville
Others (in alphabetical order)

Lionel Blair
Diana Dors
Simon Oates
Dave Rogers




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