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Put simply, 40 years of press material relating to the classic British TV show, The Avengers.  The goal of this site is to create an as accurate as possible bibliography of The Avengers in the World's press between the years of 1960 and 2000.  As well as the press pieces, there are cover scans, press releases, publicity material and individual pages for each of the original series' 161 episodes, the 26 episodes of The New Avengers and 'that movie'.

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The chronological index (indicated as 1960-2000 in the links bar at the bottom of each page) is the best way to access the press cuttings sections of The Avengers Press Archive.  The Episodes and Who's Who? indices only point to articles which are specific to actual actors or episodes, so the many overviews of the series or pieces about Steed, for example, can only be found by starting there.  The press releases and publicity material are linked through the episode and the who's who sections, but also have their own index page for ease of reference.

There are also new ways of looking at cover images.  When looking through the chronological, episode and actor indices you will see this icon next to a citing: .  This will take you to a scan of the cover of the magazine in question.  Please note, the quality of these scans varies wildly depending upon their source.  If you can help with a better quality version, please get in touch.  From the larger scans you can either go back to your starting point, or back to a page of thumbnail scans of covers.  Within these thumbnail pages are images of covers which I have either not been able to get better quality scans of, or have not yet rescanned to a better resolution.  Once again, if you can help, please get in touch.

The icon indicates material new since the relaunch of this site.

Why ...deadline...?

...deadline... is the title of a paperback Avengers novel 'co-authored' by Patrick Macnee and Peter Leslie in 1965 (Leslie wrote it, Macnee put his name on it).  Somehow it just seemed appropriate.

A quick note, and a request

If using the site as a starting point for research of your own bear in mind that there were regional differences in the TV Times, and that a piece listed for a particular issue may have only appeared that week in one regional TV Times rather than in them all.

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