TV Guide, 17 February, pages 12,13, The Avenger Tries On A TV Role, ?, USA.

Belle issue 11, May, pages 20,21,22,23, The most eligible women ...in my opinion, Alan Mackenzie, Australia.  Only relevant bit is on Diana Rigg on page 22.

OUI, August, pages 62,63,64,109,"Conversation with Diana Rigg", Michael Kustow, USA.

TV Guide issue 1071, 6 October, pages 1,30,31,32,34,36,39, "Tall Redheads Always Get Caught", Arnold Hano, USA. Conversation with Diana Rigg re 'Diana' TV series. Perfunctory mention of The Avengers.

Unidentified (New York?) Newspaper, 8 October, pages ?, 11B,  'Avenger' Steed on Broadway, William Glover, USA.

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