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TV Times, 29 September, page 68, Dave's A Super Fan With A Vengeance, author unknown, England.  Piece on Dave Rogers - Avengers book author.

Brighton Evening Argus, 1 October, page unknown, Now Steed Is A Bad Guy!, Lester Middlehurst, England.

Daily Express, 12 November, pages unknown, author unknown, title unknown, England. Linda Thorson interview.

Daily Mail, 12 November, pages unknown, author unknown, title unknown, England. Linda Thorson interview.

NME, exact date in 1983 unknown, page unknown, author unknown, Kinky, England.
Last year it may have been 'The Message', but the above are lyrics from perhaps the first Marxist novelty-number rap-record ever committed to vinyl by TV stars: Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackman of recently exhumed series The Avengers.  Re-released by Cherry Red to coincide with Steed & Co's rapidly resurrected cult status, this diabolically awful single can be augmented by Dave Rogers' book The Avengers (Michael Joseph ITV, 4.95).  This offers a full guide to all 161 episodes, based on facts culled from studio files as well as correspondence with the stars, supporting cast, production and design teams.  Learn how the post-Bond, pre-Beatlemania Steed evolved and how he inherited his first female colleague, in the form of Cathy Gale, thanks to an Equity strike which sidelined original sidekick Ian Hendry.  Yet before she even planted a patent-clad foot in primetime (1962), Honor Blackman was claiming Cathy as a "first for TV - the first feminist in a television serial and the first woman who fights back".  Partly based on anthropologist Margaret Mead Blackman's Avenger "made up for what she lacked in brawn through black boots, leather combat suits and judo".  And the Kinky Boots?  According to Honor, it was all Macnee's idea: "Patrick suggested leather and I wore it throughout the rest of the show.  The only things you can wear with leather trousers are boots, so they kitted me out with calf-length black boots and the leather thing was born."  Did this give us Freddie Mercury?

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