The Sunday Telegraph: Review, 12 February, page 3, The old Avenger in fine fettle, Helena de Bertodano, England.

The Observer: Preview Magazine, 12 May, pages 1,6,7,8,9, Box Pops, Dominic Murphy, England. Cult TV 1966 vs. Cult TV 1996.
Note - Has an Avengers cover, but barely mentions the show.

Timescreen issue 21, May, pages 15,16,17,18,40, no title, Andrew Pixley, England. Detailed overview of British Telefantasy in Comics, has details of all The Avengers UK comic book appearances; reproduces a page from the Diana 'Avengers' strip on the back cover.
Note - There is a supplement to this issue, which lists individual comics' details

The Weekend Review, 10 June, page 5, Avenging Diana, Alan Franks, Australia.

TV Zone issue 67, June, pages 35,36,37, Fantasy Flashback: The Cybernauts, Richard Houldsworth, England. Overview of 'The Cybernauts' episode.

Dreamwatch issue 11, July, pages 23,24,25, Avenging With Honor, Alistair McGown, England. Overview of Honor Blackman episodes.

Time Out, 4 October, page 177, Back with Avengers: Forget Lumley and Hunt - this is the real thing, Josephine Munroe, England.

TV & Satellite Week, 7 October, page 5, Long Lasting Emma Peel, author unknown, England.

TV Times, 7 October, Pick Of The Day: Best of the rest, no author, England.
The Avengers (C4, 6.00pm) Revisit the fun and the fashions of this classic Sixties TV drama with a rerun of the fifth series, the first made in colour.  Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg star as troubleshooters Steed and Emma Peel and, tonight, they discover a bizarre plan to take over the country.

What's On TV, 7 October, page ?, Sex A-Peel, author unknown, England.
The Avengers, Channel Four, Tuesday.  In her time she has played some great theatrical roles but, for many, Dame Diana Rigg will always be the leather-clad, karate-kicking Emma Peel to Patrick Macnee's Steed in The Avengers.  'Middle-aged women still approach me to talk about Peel,' reveals Diana, now 57.  'For the first time they realised women could change things without men's help.'  The Sixties series, which is being reshown from this week, made Diana a pin-up for thousands of men.  'The idea of me being a sex symbol made me laugh,' she says.  'To be a sex symbol, you have to take yourself seriously.'

The Times, 10 October, page 47, Television: Choice, Peter Waymark.  Preview of repeat of 'The Town of No Return'

Unknown, 5 November, page unknown, Revived and Kicking: Steed revels in TV double joy, author unknown, North Ireland.  Interview with Patrick Macnee.

London Evening Standard, 15 November, page 51, Saved by the trusty Steed, Victor Lewis-Smith, England.

Impact, November, page 30, Brought to Book, Ian Fryer, England.  Review of 'The Ultimate Avengers'

Record Collector #195, November, page 158, Book Reviews, 'MP', England.  Review of 'The Ultimate Avengers'.

Focus issue 19, December, pages 1,16,17,18,19,20, Living in a TV Timewarp, Dave Green & Andy Boyle, England.  Misinformed piece on TV fans, but great Avengers cover.   Darren Jones and Rachel Harris - how could you!!  (O)

Baby Boomer Collectibles, Vol 3 #3, December, pages unknown (5), title unknown, author unknown, USA.  Probably just a general overview.

Cult Times issue 3, December, pages 42,43,44,45, Mrs Peel, We're Needed, Justin Richards, England. General overview.

Playback Collector's Special, pages 34,35, The Avengers, Andrew Pixley, England. Basic overview of the series.
Note - This was the 'pilot' for an unproduced magazine series.

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