Observer Review, 7 January, page 5, Greg Rowland's Trek Watch: To boldly go where no Avenger has gone before..., 'Greg Rowland', England.  Know-nothing Imaginary Trekkie misspells Theremin and mistakes Laurie Johnson for Laurie Holloway.

TV Zone issue 75, February, pages 41,42,43,44, Honor Blackman: Leather and Lace, David Richardson, England. Honor Blackman interview.

Dreamwatch issue 19, March, pages 14,15,16,17, Style with Substance, Alistair McGown, England. A look at the 'style' of The Avengers, with particular reference to cultural aspects, and the 'swinging' sixties.

Dreamwatch issue 19, March, pages 18,19, Bizarre Inc, Alistair McGown and Darren Rea, England. Linda Thorson interview part one.

Thermal Lance, March/April, pages 10 & 11, Thwack!!!, Sean Hammond, England. A look at The Cybernauts.

Thermal Lance, March/April, pages 10 & 11, Mrs Peel... We're Needed, Adam Richards, England. Over-view / episode review of the first half of the Colour Rigg season.

The Sun: Woman, 10 April, page 8, Emma Appeal: Avengers catsuits are purrfect, Samantha Howard, England.

Dreamwatch issue 21, May, pages 35,36,37, The Belles of St. Clemens, Steve Howarth and Chris Lyons, England. Brian Clemens interview.

SFX issue 16, September, page ? , The Avengers: The Tara King Era, Ian Harris, England.

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