Independent on Sunday, 27 April, page 1, 'Avengers' girl Emma Peel was meant to be a man, Matthew Kalman, England. Yackety Yack.

Daily Mail: Weekend Magazine, 3 May, Pages 1,6,7,8, An Awfully Slick Avenger, Lina Das, England. Patrick Macnee interview.

Daily Mail: Weekend Magazine, 10 May, Pages 18,19, My Dear, It Was An Honor, Patrick Macnee and Dave Rogers, England. Patrick Macnee on the Blackman years. Note - Amended excerpt from The Avengers and Me.

Manchester Evening News, 21 May, pages 1,26, Me and My Avengers Girls, Stuart Gilles, England. Patrick Macnee interview.

TV Zone Special issue 25, May, pages 12,13,14,15, Mrs Peel, We're Needed, Jon Abbott, England. Overview of The Avengers, contrasting the Steed/Peel relationship with that of Scully and Mulder from the X-Files.

TV Zone Special issue 25, May, pages 40,41,42,43,44,45,46, Fantasy Flashback: The Gaslight Ghoul aka Fog, Andrew Pixley, England. Overview of The Avengers episode 'Fog'.

TV Zone Special issue 25, May, pages 66,67,68,69,70,71,72, Fantasy Flashback: The Man-Eater of Surrey Green, Andrew Pixley, England. Overview of The Avengers episode 'The Man-Eater of Surrey Green'.

Dreamwatch issue 34, June, pages 45,46,47,48,49, What's The Story?, Paul Simpson, England. Patrick Macnee interview.

SFX issue 26, June, pages 66,67,68,69,70,71, Patrick Macnee, Anthony Brown, England. Patrick Macnee interview and career overview.

SFX issue 26, June, page 96, The Avengers: Steed Says How It Was, John Molyneux, England. Review of 'The Avengers and Me'.

Brisbane Courier-Mail, ? June, page ?, Back with a vengeance, author unknown, Australia.  

Uncut, June, page 157, no title, Terry Staunton, England.  Review of 'The Avengers and Me'.

The Guardian Weekend, 12 July, page 57, The Questionnaire: Patrick Macnee, Rosanna Greenstreet, England.

Dreamwatch issue 35, July, pages 38,39,40,41, Gale Force, Keith Topping and Martin Day, England. Overview of the Honor Blackman episodes.

TV Zone issue 92, July, pages 20,21,22,23,24, Harnessed By Steed... Unseated By The Mares, Chris Perry, England. Patrick Macnee interview.

Dreamwatch issue 36, August, pages 48,49,50, 3 Go Avenging Again!, Alistair McGown, England.   New Avengers overview.

The Weekly News, 20 September, page 6, Honor's Book Reveals Why She Looks So Good At 70, author unknown, England.

The Guardian: G2, 31 October, page 11, Take a footnote, Mrs Peel, Vera Rule, England.  Review of Toby Miller book.

Cult TV issue 3, October, pages 61,62,63, Imperial Leather, Nick Setchfield, England. General overview.

Cult TV issue 3, October, pages 64,84, Emma Peel Paper Doll, Nick Setchfield, England. Dress it yourself.

SFX issue 30, October, page 86, The month in TV, Diane McGinn, England.

SFX issue 31, November, page 98, Sumptuous!, John Molyneux, England.  Review of The Avengers Companion.

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