Goodtimes, Dec 1998/Jan 1999, pages 1,12,13,15, Free Agent, Richard Barber, England. Patrick Macnee interview.

The Times, 14 May, page 3, Colourful Past Of Avengers, Paul Wilkinson, England. Rediscovery of ‘The Case Of The Missing Corpse’.

TV Guide Crossword Magazine, 6 July, Cover and brief mention of Diana Rigg in The Avengers, USA.

The Times, 7 August, page 1, There's Nothing Like A Dame, Says America, Alex O’Connell, England.    Diana Rigg voted "sexiest television star of all time".

Daily Telegraph, 7 August, page ?, Author ?, England.

The Guardian, 7 August, page 7, Diana Rigg.  Is she the sexiest TV star of all time?, Fiachra Gibbons, England.

Clarín, 30 October, page 1 and unknown, El Policial Mas Glamoroso, Maria Iribarren, Argentina.  This piece dates from when The Avengers was re-launched in Argentina after 25 years.

Active Life, No number, Nov/Dec, pages 1,12,13, Diana's Appeal, Rebecca Holloway, England.

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