'The Avengers'

Take heed, gentle reader, as I've left this piece 'as it was printed', eschewing the ...deadline... obsession with spelling and grammar so you can see just how bad it really was.

The first test screening of THE AVENGERS didn't go that well there was something like 9 people out of 10 hated the film.  The really disliked it.  However this could well be because it is too 'strange' for most people.  However, the coolness factor might win out for those that remember what it was to see Diana Rigg in that outfit, people that love things that were not quite right.  This is what Hallenback is hoping, not for a movie that everyone loves, but for a movie that, that one in ten love.  Perhaps this is that movie and perhaps it's for you.

THE AVENGERS stars Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman, and the man, Sean Connery.  The movie has a great opening which introduces us to Emma Peel (Uma Thurman in leather clad!)  In the opening Uma really kicks some ass which is great.  One thing to comment on is the music.  The music is a killer soundtrack and Michael Kamen did the score.  Although that doesn't help much as this score is like nothing you have ever heard before from Kamen which proves how innovative he is.  When the titles end we meet the other main character John Steed, played marvelously by Ralph Fiennes, who finally appears in a movie that isn't depressing!  It is great to see Ralph Fiennes in a light hearted role.

Later in the movie we meet the third major role, the villain Sir August De Winter, played by Sean Connery.  When we first see him in the movie we are instantly reminded of James Bond because he was so suave.  But Connery plays an edgy and funny villain.  The plot: Well, it's not all that great and very simple to follow, but the movie isn't about how great the plot is, it's all about fun.  The movie is a combination of James Bondish flaire and 60's camp.

The acting: Great chemistry between Uma and Ralph they were great to together and the audience has fun because they looked like they were having fun.  Connery is good as the bad guy, but not great.  You end up wishing there could have been more scenes with Connery.  Everyone always wants more Connery!  There is this great scene where Connery is in a full Scottish getup, kilt and all!

The pace: It was a little slow, but the chemistry between Uma and Ralph made up for it.

The movie also has a lot of humour, more so than the original television series.  Overall The Avengers as whole is excellent.  Most American audiences didn't think very much of it though in screen tests, could it be the English innuendo humour and 60s camp.  It's greatest appeal is the chemistry between Uma and Ralph, the production design, and the cinematography.  The production design was great.  Whoever was the costume and set designer deserves an OSCAR already.

Is the public ready for The Avengers?  I don't think everyone is, but I know the movie will find an audience.

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