The Avengers Season One (1961)

Episode Two: Brought To Book
TX: January 14 1961


The Avengers - Brought To Book TV Times Listing
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Episode-specific articles

Manchester Evening News, 14 January, page 7, Max North's Telereview, ?, England. 
Actor and director Peter Hammond, who directs ITV's "The Avengers" describes a Chinese girl he introduces in to-night's episode as "a challenge to Jacqui Chan". She is Joyce Wong Chong, who plays one of the young ladies who frequent the Soho club headquarters of a race gang. Her partner is Carol White, the 17-year old blonde who two weeks ago starred in ITV's "A Headful of Crocodiles".

TV Times, 4 March 1961, page 4, Looking Around With John Gough, John Gough, England.  The filming of 'Brought To Book' (part of gossip column).

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