The Avengers Season One (1961)

Episode Twelve: Dance With Death
TX: April 15 1961


TV Times listing for Dance With Death.
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Episode-specific articles

Daily Mirror, 15 April, page ?, Photo Caption
Pauline Shepherd, 22, who made her TV debut at sixteen as a singer in the BBC's "Quite Contrary", has a straight role tonight in ITV's "The Avengers" (10.0).  "I play an instructress at a dancing school - and I nearly become a corpse in the bath", she says.  Pretty Pauline has now given up singing.  Tonight will be her first TV appearance as an actress, "wish me luck", she says.

Manchester Evening News, 15 April, page 7, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
Two bookmakers' daughters appear in to-night's episode of "The Avengers", which is set in the tough and often backbiting world of ballroom dancing. One is Pauline Shepherd, 22-year-old former model and fashion writer, who plays one of the instructresses and is the object of an attempted murder while taking a bath. The other, 20-year old Angela Douglas, has been in show business since she was 12 and has appeared in many TV series. She turned up in "Coronation Street" as a striptease dancer.

Manchester Evening News, 17 April, page 2, Our Two Televiews, J.L., England.
Unfortunately, the serial "The Avengers" is not maintaining its promise. (Review of 'Dance With Death")

TV Times, issue 288, 5 May, page 5, Looking Around With John Gough: Two winners - from bookies!, John Gough, England.
TWO young actresses I talked to are both daughters of bookmakers and both have been given parts in The Avengers series.  They are 22-year-old Pauline Shepherd and 20-year-old Angela Douglas.  Pauline told me: "I have never helped my father in his business, but I have brought him a few clients.  They're great punters in show business, you know."  She has been a dancer and fashion model.  Her latest enterprise is to start work on a film script.  "It's a comedy," she said.    "But it won't be ready for years."  Angela Douglas tells me: "My father gives me tips - but the horses never win."

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