The Avengers Season One (1961)

Episode Eighteen: Double Danger
TX: July 8 1961


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The Stage and Television Today, 13 July, page unknown, author unknown, England.
This is a review of the episode, 'Double Danger'.  "In this particular episode (July 8, 1961) the plot is reminiscent of a poor second feature with unrealistic gangster types, blonde hanger-on, and decent English chappie in hot pursuit of the criminals.  Even the setting on the boat has been done for and the dialogue is like a primer for intending thriller-story writers.

Only there were no thrills, and the clichés thrown up in the ambling wake of the story should make the presenting company blush.  Ian Hendry, stern and resolute, aided by Patrick Macnee, whose style suggests he might be better doing something on his own instead of playing a rather peculiar undercover man.

The plot does not even seem to try for reasonable credibility, which is a pity when an hour has been allocated to the task.  Rather than cutting the story down to the exciting bone, an attempt seems to be made to fill out the hour slot.

Director: Roger Jenkins.  Designer: James Goddard.  Producer: Leonard White.   Teleplay: Gerald Verner."

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