The Avengers Season One (1961)

Episode Twenty Two: Kill The King
TX: September 2 1961


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Manchester Evening News, 2 September, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
Time off for a 'secret agent' - judging beauty queens. Dashing and debonair Patrick Macnee, who plays the sophisticated secret service agent with a way with women in "The Avengers" will need all his skill to-night. To-night's episode, "Kill The King", shows Macnee and his partner, Ian Hendry, in a tale of trouble which surrounds a visiting monarch in London. Macnee is trying hard to stop the monarch from being assassinated, and four beautiful but sinister women are doing their best to foil his efforts. But while this recorded episode is being televised on ITV, Macnee will be relaxing with a drink after an even more never-racking assignment. He is the chief judge of the bathing beauty contestants in the final edition of "Holiday Town Parade" which comes from Morecambe and is now a traditional sign that Summer is coming to an end. NOTE: HOLIDAY TOWN PARADE WAS ON ABC AT 6.15PM.

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