Patrick Macnee enjoying a smoke
This Charming Man...
A tip of the bowler hat to the following...

Ms. Susan Hoskins
Mr. Patrick Macnee
Mr. Alistair McGown
Mr. David K. Smith
Mr. Dave Rogers
Ms. Jackie Lane
Mr. Tony Hales
Ms. Mandy Timperley
Mr. Derek Wilson
Mr. Dave Edwards
Mr. Geoff Smith
Mr. Paul Flint
Mr. Ian Beazley
Ms. Paola Brandolisio
Mr. Alan Hayes
Ms. Alys Hayes
Mr. Geoff Barlow
Mr. Alastair Roxburgh
Mr. Dave Robinson
Mr. Lee Moone
Mr. Chris Johnson
Mr. Christopher Kaye
Mr. Brian MacDonald
Mr. Carlos Pagés
Mr. Kieran Seymour
Mr. Perry Armstrong
Ms. Juana D. Kenis
Mr. Perry Armstrong
Mr. Michael S. Fishberg
Mr. Jim Croasdale
Mr. Simon Moss
Ms. Susan L. Minobe
Mr. Laurent Chanut
Mr. Remco Admiraal
Mr. William Thinnes

and anybody I forgot!!




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