That talented twosome of The Avengers, Honor Blackman and Patrick Macnee, see my picture, are setting out to conquer new field this wek.  They are aiming for a Hit Parade record - not in the series but in real life.

Judo girl Honor and suave, bowler-hatted Patrick have recorded two numbers "Keep It Friendly" and "Kinky Boots" which were written by Herbert Kretzmer and Dave Lee who wrote the Peter Sellers-Sophia Loren hits.

Don't think that Honor and Patrick saw themselves as record stars.  They had to be coaxed into the studio by record company executive Marcel Stellman.  But, after a test, he reported: "Blackman sounds like a cross between Julie London and Marlene Dietrich; Macnee has a humorous British twinkle in his timbre."

Pat and Honor tell me they're making no comment until they have seen how the public react to their disc.  But I can tell you that plans are already moving to feature them on an EP and an LP.

from The TV Times, England, 14th February, 1964.

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