CATHY GALE may have vanished from the scene, but there is a chance to see her again in Best of The Avengers, which starts today (Saturday).
The 13 episodes chosen are from stories originally shown in 1962 and 1963 when Honor Blackman first appeared as Cathy Gale - helper to undercover man John Steed, played by Patrick Macnee.
It will be interesting to watch again how she develops the character and see Michael Whittaker's original dress designs for her role.
There will also be an opportunity to renew acquaintance in two stories with Venus Smith, played by Julie Stevens. Venus is a bargee's daughter, brought up on Britain's inland waterways.
Now she has become a night-club singer. In the job, she becomes friendly with Steed and is intrigued by the aura of mystery surrounding him.
Julie will be seen in "The Decapod" and "The Removal Men," in the first of which she sings two sultry numbers.
In three episodes, "Dead On Course," "The Sell Out" and "Mission To Montreal," Steed needs the help of someone with medical knowledge and calls on Dr Martin King, played by Jon Rollason.
In the background are the two mysterious "Establishment" figures - One-Ten and One-Twelve - who control Steed's undercover activities.
The more familiar of the two is One-Twelve, played by Douglas Muir.
Two dogs accompany Steed - a Dalmantian called Freckles and a whippet called Sheba.
But the personalities of Patrick Macnee as Steed and Honor Blackman dominate everything - not to mention their clothes.
Pat can be seen again in his ultra-fashionable wardrobe. Honor, in her high boots, leather suits and exotic headgear.
In addition Honor carries her tiny revolvers in specially made hip holsters under her jacket, in a small jewellery purse and, daringly, in a black lacy garter on her leg.
In "The Mauritius Penny," Honor wears a Mary Quant suit of scarlet wool, the jacket secured by gold chains.
The suit is worn with a scarlet trilby hat, a black turtle-neck sweater. And, of course, black boots.

from The TV Times, England, 26th June 1964.

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