Gareth Hunt
Joanna Lumley

Gareth Hunt

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Joanna Lumley

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THE PURDEY: Joanna Lumley's pageboy crop was another Seventies sensation. Her hair remained as unruffled as her high-kicking New Avengers TV character. Her look was copied by young and old alike, not always with conspicuous success, coining a style - and the "bowl head" insult.

Nicky Clarke says: "Everyone had the pageboy crop. It characterised the Seventies as well as the Sixties. It is cut just one length at the back, following up through the fringe."

But this style is not the most forgiving and only works on faces with good cheekbones and strong eyes - if the Purdey is not for you, you could end up looking more like Anne Widdecombe than lovely like Lumley.
(Part of a longer piece).



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