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Ingrid Hafner

Manchester Evening News, 7 January 1961, page 7, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
A GIRL who hates illness and says she could never be a nurse in private life will play the nurse-receptionist in ABC's new 60-minute crime series, "The Avengers", which begins to-night. She is 23-year old Ingrid Hafner "born in London but with an Austrian father" who played a nurse in several episodes of Ian Hendry's previous series, "Police Surgeon". Ian Hendry was immediately signed for "The Avengers" when "Police Surgeon" ended its run and now plays the part of a doctor who is drawn into a crusade against crime by the murder of his fiance. Patrick Macnee has a regular spot in the series as a professional crime-fighter.

TV Times, 3 February 1961, page 5, Looking Around with John Gough: A 'nurse' again, John Gough, England.
INGRID HAFNER, who plays a nurse-receptionist to Ian Hendry's doctor in The Avengers on Saturday, tells me she hates illness and could never be a nurse in private life.  But this is the second time London-born Ingrid has played a nurse.  She appeared as one with Ian Hendry in several episodes of Police Surgeon.  Ingrid's big interest is finding a London flat, as her home is in Somerset.  "Living in London will mean giving up my pony," she told me, "and will not leave me much time for any hobbies."

TV Times, 10 March 1961, page 1 and 8, Crime MD, Tim Aspinall, England. 

TV Times, issue 290, 19 May 1961, page 38, Ingrid just rubs along, author unknown, England.

TV Times, 1 December 1961, page 38, Avengers?  They're the sweetest men I know, Charles Bayne, England.

Ian Hendry

TV Times issue 270, 30 December, pages 1 and 6, Unknown, Unknown, England.

TV Times, 24 February 1961, page 3, Viewerpoint, Letters Page, England.
Welcome Change
Many thanks for The Avengers.  Each film is first-class entertainment and a welcome change from conventional crime stories.   Thanks also to Ian Hendry who as Dr Keel makes the part come to life.  (MRS) L. KIRK.  Moorgreen, Newthorpe, Notts.
Ian Hendry, born in Ipswich in 1931, went to school at Culford, Suffolk.  His main interest was sport.  During National Service he paced Chris Chataway in athletics and ran his own motor cycle stunt team.  After National Service Ian tried auctioneering and estate management but soon went into repertory in Hornchurch and Worthing.  He has appeared in a number of films, and stage productions.  On ITV he has been seen in "Emergency - Ward 10," "Probation Officer," "Inside Story," "Beyond the Horizon," and "Flight from Treason."  He and his wife, Jo, who teaches film and television make-up, live on a converted naval pinnace on the Thames.

TV Times, 10 March, page 1 and 8, Crime MD, Tim Aspinall, England. 

TV Tornado comic, 21 October 1967, page 12, Star Spot, Ed Storm, England.
IAN HENDRY, who stars as Alex Lambert in The Informer was also Patrick Macnee's original partner in The Avengers. Born in Ipswich of Scottish parents, Ian is one of the best young actors in the country. He is married to actress Janet Munro and they live on an island in the Thames.

TV Times issue 632, 7 December 1967, pages 16 and 17, Article on 'top dressers of television' features Patrick Macnee and Ian Hendry, Unknown, England.
Caption - Patrick Macnee, always emerging elegant, suave and uncrumpled; Ian Hendry, always looking pressed, tailored and vital...

TV Times, 25 November 1976, page 34, Dave Lanning's In View: The Old, New Avenger, Dave Lanning, England. 
THERE'S A certain poetic quality about the guest appearance of Ian Hendry in this week's episode of The New Avengers: To Catch A Rat.  For, back in 1960 Hendry was one of the original Avengers; in fact the programme developed from his own series called Police Surgeon.
"Rather eerie going back after 16 years and seeing Steed's same bowler hat," said Hendry.  "I left when the show was at its peak because I've always believed in keeping moving.  And inevitably when you keep moving you go around in the odd circle."
Poetic, too, that immediately before returning to The New Avengers set, Hendry had been out on tour for three months with a play called Motive with another Avengers "original", Honor Blackman.
Hendry has certainly broken a lot of new ground since he was Dr. Geoffrey Brent in the old run.  He's done seven different television series (including The Informer, Probation Officer and The Lotus Eaters), he turned down a chance of becoming the filmic James Bond, pre-empted Alfie in the film Live Now-Pay Later and is still restlessly plumbing his own talents and discovering new depths.
He has been writing poetry himself.  Music, too.  He's jotted down enough poetic prose to fill five small volumes ("or one large one"), has completed 10 songs (two of which are under consideration by Sammy Davis Jr.).  "Writing both is a complete release for me," he said.  "I'm hitting the pencil these days, instead of the bottle, and people."
Final poetic coincidence about Hendry's Avengers return: in To Catch A Rat he plays a circus trapeze artist.  And his very first experience in show business was as a stooge to Coco the Clown.

Patrick Newell

TV Times (issue details mislaid) 1968, page 64, The Fat Man Who Can't Afford To Be Thin, Patrick Newell interview, Eithne Power, England.

TV Times, 5 December 1968, pages 32 and 33, "Relax Mother, You're Bulletproof Now", Interview with an armourer with reference to the Tara King episodes, Dave Lanning, England.

TV Times, 12 December 1968, pages 20 and 21, The Long And The Short And The Tall, People of different sizes and shapes, including Patrick Newell and Rhonda Parker, England.

Jon Rollason

Manchester Evening News, 27 October 1962, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
FROM PLAY TO POTTERY. PLAYWRIGHT and author Jon Rollason has been adding another skill to his list. After three years of study and false starts he has learned to throw a pot like an expert. "I mean I've become pretty useful at making pottery," Jon explained. "Just now I'm making a coffee set for a friend." It seems a peaceful hobby for someone who has just become a member of the team which tries to dish up blood-and-thunder adventures in a polished way in ITV's "The Avengers". "I find it wonderfully relaxing to sit at a potter's wheel," he told me. "Primitive, but creative and rewarding."

Elizabeth Shepherd

Daily Mail, 20 October, page 3, Steed's New Girl, Introduction of Elizabeth Shepherd, with photo, Douglas Marlborough, England A MISSIONARY'S daughter has been chosen to replace Cathy Gale, the leather-clad judo expert with kinky boots in A.B.C. TV's popular series, The Avengers. She is Elizabeth Shepherd, 28. Like Honor Blackman, who created the part, she has honey-blonde hair. Unlike Miss Blackman, she will not wear leather suits or be a judo expert. And she will not be called Cathy. What she will be like we will find out later. Producer Julian Wintle said: "She has terrific personality and good looks - all the ingredients for the series." Miss Shepherd, who has a BA, appeared as a secret agent on ABC in July in Time Out of Mind. She studied classical Shakespearean and modern drama at Bristol University. She has met her Avengers co-star, Patrick Macnee, who plays John Steed, special agent extraodinary. The Avengers deal, worth thousands of pounds to her, was clinched a few days ago - before Miss Shepherd started a holiday in Naples. She returns to London next week and next month starts work on the series. It is expected to be screened early in 1965. Mr. Macnee said last night: "Elizabeth is very beautiful. She has a cleft chin and I love cleft chins." Miss Blackman, 38, left the series in the spring to play Pussy Galore in the James Bond film Goldfinger.

The Stage and Television Today, 22 October 1964, page unknown, SUCCESSOR TO CATHY GALE, author unknown, England.
Patrick Macnee's new partner in ABC's THE AVENGERS has at last been chosen.   She is London-born Elizabeth Shepherd.  Elizabeth Shepherd will play Mrs. Emma Peel, widow of a test pilot, and instead of tossing villains over her shoulder with a judo show she will knock them cold with a karate blow.

TV Week, 16 January 1965, pages 2&3, A New Avenger: She's Blonde, 28, and Different, Jo Harvey, Australia.

Julie Stevens

TV Times, 5 October 1962, John Gough Looking Around, John Gough, England.  Julie Stevens' role in 'The Avengers'.  Part of a gossip column.

TV Times 26 October 1962, page 1, cover, no author, England.

TV Times, 1 March 1963, pages 4,5, John Gough's Looking Around, John Gough, England.  The tale of Julie Stevens and Roger Moore's bowling match.  Part of a gossip column.



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