Linda Thorson

Daily Mirror, 20 October 1967, page 7, "Enter Linda, The New Avenger", Linda Thorson is introduced to the press, England.
You know the man, of course, by his brolly and his bowler.  Patrick Macnee, who plays Avenger John Steed.  Now meet the girl poised so elegantly at the other end of his umbrella in London yesterday.  His new leading lady, Linda Thorson.  Canadian-born Linda, 20, was chosen from 200 actresses to take over when Diana Rigg quits the popular ITV series "The Avengers."  She will play Tara King, a wealthy farmer's daughter.  But as producer John Bryce said last night, she'll be more likely to hit her opponents with her handbag than fell them with the old karate chop.  For out go the kinky boots, leather gear and the judo of Miss Rigg's Emma Peel.  Instead: a "soft, sexy look" and fashions from the Twenties.

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