Lionel Blair

Unidentified Paper, 3 December 1963, page unknown, Not a chance with 'The Avengers', author unknown, England.
LIONEL BLAIR has not much chance of escape sandwiched like this between two of "The Avengers."  And Cathy (Honour (sic) Blackman), assisted by Steed (Patrick Macnee) looks likely to "arrest" him any moment with one of her famous judo throws.  But it's all good fun, though, when the pair from "The Avengers" turn up as guest stars to do tumble and dance routines with Lionel next week.  They will be in ABC television's "Thank Your Lucky Stars." I wonder if this episode still exists?

Diana Dors

Daily Mail, 10 December 1964, page 3, 30 000 For The Unusual Miss Mulberry By Douglas Marlborough, Unmade (?) Diana Dors series gets compared to The Avengers, Douglas Marlborough, England
Blonde Diana Dors was named last night as television's new Avengers-style heroine... It could be that the Unusual Miss Mulberry will fill the TV heroine gap left by the departure of Cathy Gale, leather-clad secret agent in ABC-TV's The Avengers... Miss Dors said 'It will be the opposite to Cathy Gale. I just don't see myself as a Cathy Gale....

Simon Oates

The Sun, 29 May 1971, pages Unknown, I'm Flattered, My Face Is So Ugly, Says The New Steed, Kenneth Eastaugh, England. Simon Oates interview - Avengers stageplay.

Dave Rogers

TV Times, 29 September, page 68, Dave's A Super Fan With A Vengeance, author unknown, England.  Piece on Dave Rogers - Avengers book author.



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