TV Times issue 338, 20 April, page 14, Here They Come - The Shows You Want To See Back, author unknown, England.  Includes 'The Avengers' (of course!!)

TV Times issue 360, 21 September, page 1,38, More Autumn-plus Viewing!, Preview paragraph for the second season, Unknown, England.

TV Times, 5 October, John Gough Looking Around, John Gough, England. 
Julie Stevens' role in 'The Avengers'.  Part of a gossip column.

Manchester Evening News, 6 October, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
Ms. Tempo considers the lilies. HONOR BLACKMAN currently playing the part of a glamorous, gun-toting anthropologist, had to learn some highly specialist unarmed combat for her appearance on TV to-night. She went to see a London hotel proprietor who was once in the French Resistance. And, says Honor, "He taught me how to throw an assailant and one or two other little tricks used in France during the war. Some of them were much too tough to be used on TV." Miss Blackman's bit of research was for the latter-day, cloak-and-dagger series "The Avengers," and it brought her in line with the present fashion for memories of occupied France 20 years ago."

The Sunday Times, 7 October, magazine section, page 39, Television, Maurice Wiggin, England.
...Well all these are innocent little things [The Saint, Maigret, Zero One], like The Avengers, which is revived with Patrick Macnee as a rather delightful foppish sleuth who throws himself into his unlikely adventures with engaging Úlan.  Like 'em or leave 'em: they don't take themselves too seriously...

TV Times issue 363, 12 October, pages 14,15, Design For Danger, Patricia Johnson, England.  A look at Cathy Gale, with particular regard to her clothes

Daily Mail, 13 October, page 6, Undercover and Out of Mind, Except that Mrs Gale, Peter Black, UK.

Daily Mirror, 13 October, page ?, Pamela's Birthday Shower, picture caption.
"Question: How does Pamela Conway make a 21st birthday splash tonight?  ANSWER: By taking a shower in ITV's "The Avengers".   But it's an all too brief appearance.   Pam gets murdered, and Patrick Macnee, as special investigator John Steed tries to find the killer.  "The Avengers" is on most regions at 10.0, others at 10.05"..

Variety, 15 October, page unknown, review of Mr. Teddy Bear, 'Otta', England.

TV Times 26 October, page 1, cover, no author, England.

Manchester Evening News, 27 October, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
FROM PLAY TO POTTERY. PLAYWRIGHT and author Jon Rollason has been adding another skill to his list. After three years of study and false starts he has learned to throw a pot like an expert. "I mean I've become pretty useful at making pottery," Jon explained. "Just now I'm making a coffee set for a friend." It seems a peaceful hobby for someone who has just become a member of the team which tries to dish up blood-and-thunder adventures in a polished way in ITV's "The Avengers". "I find it wonderfully relaxing to sit at a potter's wheel," he told me. "Primitive, but creative and rewarding."

Manchester Evening News, 10 November, page 7, Max North's Telereview, ?, England, Photocaption.
HONOR BLACKMAN went shopping at a fashionable London establishment and came out with this suit, which she wears in the ITV "The Avengers" story to-night. For the fashion-minded, it's a scarlet wool and worn with a scarlet trilby, a black turtle-neck sweater, and, of course, her famous black boots.

TV Times issue 368, 16 November, page 5, John Gough's Looking Around, John Gough, England.  Story about Jon Rollason.  Part of a gossip column.

Manchester Evening News, 8 December, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
Agent Steed in the elegant person of Patrick Macnee takes on the role of a naval psychiatrist to track a traitor in tonight's edition of "The Avengers". Honor Blackman, as his gun-toting colleague, Cathy, gets a job in the control-room at the same shore establishment.

Manchester Evening News, 22 December, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
WHAT A NIGHT FOR SPIES... Through a mishap in programme planning - or maybe because of a sheer lack of it - the spies are out in force to-night and roaming through a huge section of the ITV viewing time. Man of the World, Hawaiian Eye, blah blah blah. And with only a commercial break to separate the stories, along come A.B.C.'s regular spy-hunters, Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackman as agent Steed and his gun-toting, judo expert helpmeet Cathy in "The Avengers". They take a trip to the Caribbean sunshine to investigate the death of a Government courier, and their mysterious chief One Ten goes with them, more to keep an eye on the local bathing beauties.

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