Manchester Evening News, 12 January, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
Normally I am all in favour of flexible programme planning - but just now the BBC is making things difficult for many viewers with its easy-going Saturday night schedules. When "That Was The Week That Was" began its controversial career the programme opened at 10.50pm - an acceptable time to viewers who were not interested in the preceding sports round-up and had joined the growing army of ITV "Avengers" fans. They could switch over at the end of the good-natured Steed epic without having missed much of their dose of Saturday Satires. But "That Was The Week That Was" has been starting earlier and earlier. To-night it begins at 10.20, forcing the viewers who like both shows to sacrifice one of them. Says the BBC: "The timing of our programme depends on the length of the preceding items - particularly the feature film. Starting times will be around 10.30 for the next two or three weeks". Just now the revue is the darling of the BBC bosses, who, I imagine, cannot believe that late-night viewers might prefer the offering on the other channel. They should remember that "That Was The Week That Was" inevitably contains a good many weak items - and that even with a mild thriller like "The Avengers", where the plot is the least important ingredient, there is a strong temptation to go on watching until the end. They could be robbing their favourite show of many potential viewers.

Manchester Evening News, 26 January, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
SECRET agent Steed, played by Patrick Macnee, and his co-opted helpmate, Cathy, played by Honor Blackman, are involved in black magic in to-night's "Avengers" episode on ITV. The chase begins when a scientist who has perfected a new fuel formula is found in a coma. Steed diagnoses particularly foul play and finds clues that the scientist belonged to a black magic circle. Was he the victim of a witch's spell? Whatever the result, the writers of the series deserve a good mark for finding yet another out-of-the-rut setting for their good-humoured thrillers.

 TV Times issue 379, 1 February, pages 8 and 9, Gale Force!, Tom Butler, England.  Interview with Honor Blackman with particular regard to her judo skills

TV Times issue 382, 22 February, page 6, How They Got To The Top, England.
Only bothered with the first page, for Patrick Macnee paragraph (see left).
PATRICK MACNEE of ABC's The Avengers was planning to become a jockey - long before he considered show business.  He explained: "My father was a horse trainer and I used to help him, but I started to put on weight when I was 16, so I decided to try something else."  Pat's ability as a rider gave him his first break in films in 'The Elusive Pimpernel'.  "They wanted someone who could swim a horse across the Loire river in France," he said.  "I volunteered and better parts came along."  Parts which led, ultimately, to John Steed in his present series.

Manchester Evening News, 2 March, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
ROBERT RIETTI felt at home when he was given the role of a clown in to-night's edition of "The Avengers" on ITV. Reading up on his family history, which dates back in the theatre to the thirteenth century, he found that in the 1760s his ancestors were clowns and acrobats. Robert and his father, Victor Rietti, both hold the Italian award of Cavaliere for their services to the Italian theatre. The clown in the story is anxious to murder undercover man, John Steed, played with his usual aplomb by Patrick Macnee. To find out why, Honor Blackman, as his partner Cathy, joins the circus and uncovers a Mafia plot.

TV Times, 1 March, pages 4,5, John Gough's Looking Around, John Gough, England.  The tale of Julie Stevens and Roger Moore's bowling match.  Part of a gossip column.

Today, May 4, pages 34,35, Avenger's Lady, Sean Talbot, England.  Patrick Macnee fashion piece.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL TWO PAGE SPREAD.  NOTE: large file, may take some time to view.

TV Times issue 393, 10 May, page 4, No title, Paragraph and photo regarding Patrick Macnee's appearance on The Dave King Show, John Gough, England.  Interesting for the photo of Macnee in Steed Get-Up on stage. Was this on The Dave King Show, and therefore a non-Avengers Steed appearance?

Look Westward, 8 September, page 6, Next Week's LOOK WESTWARD, no author, England. 'Special full-colour cover picture and feature of the forthcoming 'Avengers' series'. A new exciting adventure strip. "Do you like a thriller to read? Well this one will really keep you guessing. It's an exciting cartoon strip based on 'The Avengers', TV's most sophisticated private eye series"

Look Westward, 15 September, pages 1,12, "You've Never Seen Cathy like This!", author unknown, England. Half page colour feature with Patrick MacNee & Honor Blackman.

TV Times issue 412, 20 September, page 4, Inside Story Of The Avengers: Brief For Murder!, Vague biographies of Steed and Gale based around the episode 'Brief For Murder', Crime Reporter, England

Weekly News, 21 September, page 11, The One Thing That Terrifies Honor Blackman, author unknown, England.

Look Westward, 22 September, pages 4,5, 'Looking Westward with Ted Nichols & Alan Grundy' (regular feature): 'Honor - Past and Present', Ted Nichols & Alan Grundy, England.

Reveille, 26 September, page unknown, Word of Honor: She Likes Punch Ups, author unknown, England.

TV Times issue 413, 27 September, page 27, John Gough Column: Hobby Note(1), John Gough, England.
Lee Patterson, a 34-year old Canadian actor who is in The Avengers on Saturday, collects guns.  "Recently, I bought a Colt 42 made about 1862, and discovered it was very rare.  In fact only 32 of them were ever made.  It's probably worth 500.  And I paid 35 for it!"

Manchester Evening News, 29 September, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
This week-end sees the start of several new series, back comes "That Was The Week That Was" on BBC to-night and ITV's "The Avengers" opens literally with a splash - Cathy Gale (again played by Honor Blackman) falling into the Thames after being fired at from the bank.

Harper's Bazaar, September, page unknown, title unknown, author unknown. Coverage of Terence Donovan's Avengers shoot.

Daily Sketch, 2 October, page 6, Behind The TV Image: The Girl In Black, Kenneth Passingham, England.  Honor Blackman and Patrick Macnee interviews.

TV Times issue .., 4 October, page 26, John Gough Column: Sensational, John Gough, England.
"Honor Blackman manages to cause a sensation even at show business parties.  I saw it happen recently.  She had come straight from the studios wearing one of her Mrs. Cathy Gale outfits from The Avengers, black leather waistcoat over a black sweater, tight black leather trousers and high black leather boots.  Aware of the heads turning in her direction, but neither embarrassed by them nor encouraging them she said: "I'm told leather drives men up the wall.  I like wearing it because it because it feels nice.  Off screen?  No, of course I wouldn't go shopping in an outfit like this.  Apart from anything else, I find boots are too hot except in wintry weather.  At home I usually wear a sweater, shirt and slacks."  Somebody asked her husband's view of the leather gear.  (Honor has been married 2 years to actor Maurice Kaufman). "He thinks its fun", she said.  "He is very well balanced".  The crush around Honor Blackman grew.  I backed out, nodded to elegantly Edwardian-suited Patrick Macnee..."

Manchester Evening News, 5 October, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
MANDY TAKES A JOB AS MOTHER'S HELP. With her recorded appearance on TV in to-night's episode of "The Avengers" 19-year-old former child star Mandy Miller says goodbye to Britain - and to acting etc etc.... ABC, which is giving her this TV send-off, also provided Mandy's first TV appearance in 1958. She was in their serial "Sunday's Child", which was created around her. In The Avengers episode, titled "The Undertakers", she joins another actress who has not worked on TV since leaving a long-running series. Jan Holden, last seen in "Harper's West One", the tale of life in a big store, plays a millionaire's widow and Mandy his step-daughter. Agent Steed questions them in his insouciant manner during an investigation into a drastic but clever racket for avoiding death duties.

Look Westward, 6 October, pages 30,31: One and half page b/w strip "Epidemic Of Terror" pt.4, England.

TV Times, issue 415, 11 October, page 21, Viewerpoint: Readers Letters page, England.
Sent Down.  The TV Times biography of John Steed states that he is 38 and left Eton just before the war.  That puts him at 14 when he left.  Expelled?  PHILLIP TURNER, Manchester Road, Swey, Nr. Lymington, Hants.  John Steed says: Expelled?  Of course, what else?

TV Times, issue 415, 11 October, page 35, Looking Around With John Gough, John Gough, England.  Piece in gossip column about Charles Tingwell appearing in 'The Avengers'.

Variety, 16 October, page unknown, Review of 'The Undertakers', author unknown, England.

Manchester Evening News, 19 October, page 7, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
'Ward 10' doctor gets out of the rut. From his role of a schoolteacher deep in the Australian outback for last Tuesday's play "Stella" Charles Tingwell becomes a ruthless M.I.5 man giving John Steed the third degree in to-night's "Avengers" episode. blah blah blah. "Maybe they'll say I'm being typed in coppers' pants now," he said. That problem should not arise in his "Avengers" appearance when anything approaching Judges' rules is firmly pushed aside. The action takes place deep in the underground chambers of the Regional Seat of the Government for the next world war. Steed, played by Patrick Macnee, is hunting a suspected traitor in the vast subterranean city, but himself becomes the quarry. ESCAPOLOGIST. In an electrified interrogation chamber he is guided by Cathy (Honor Blackman) and Tingwell's M.I.5. operative. Edina Ronay, shapely blonde daughter of the cookery expert Egon Ronay, turns up as an escapologist. The script is a first effort for TV by Phillip Chambers who has written many Sexton Blake novels, but has no doubt managed to add for this occasion the veneer of sophisticated wit that makes "The Avengers" such a viewable series.

TV Times issue 417, 25 October, page 21, Viewerpoint: Readers Letters page, England.
On the mat.  After Cathy Gale's performance in "Man With Two Shadows," how about fixing a contest for her against Mick McManus so that we could all see him finally sorted out?  D.C.P. DRAGE, Vauxhall Close, Northfleet, Kent.  Star Letter: Mr. Drage wins two guineas for this letter.
(It was remarkably prescient as, in January 1964, during the filming of the episode, Mandrake, Honor Blackman knocked out another wrestler, Jackie Pallo).

TV Times issue 417, 25 October, page 27, John Gough gossip column, John Gough, England.
In Common.  The cast list for next Saturday's The Avengers carries these three names: Honor Blackman, David Davies, Iris Russell.  What do they have in common?  They all played probation officers at one time or another in the series Probation Officer.

Manchester Evening News, 26 October, page 7, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
KATY HAD THE APPETITE FOR THE PART. Girl who wanted a dinner and got a television-role instead is 24-year old Katy Greenwood, who makes her TV debut in to-night's "Avenger" series, "The Death of a Batman" blah blah...

Look Westward, 27 October, page 8: 'Cathy Gets her Man', author unknown, England. Quarter page with pic, from Letters page w/response.

Knitting and Needlework Magazine Issue 1, October, page 1 & ?, Knit Cathy's Poncho, Unknown, England.

TV Times issue 418, 1 November, pages 4,5, and 7, The Immaculate Avengers, A look at The Avengers fashions of Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackman (Frederick Starke period), Diana Lancaster, England

    NOTE: To see the original pages from the piece above click here.

Manchester Evening News, 2 November, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
It was partly luck that another of to-night's TV shows should have a strong topical flavour. Naturally, the week-end near November 5 seemed the right one to schedule for an "Avengers" story about a plot to blow up parliament with a five-megaton warhead. "But no-one was to know at that time," says ABC, "just how much the Palace of Westminster would be in the news. It could hardly be foreseen that a real life situation with explosive potential should surround the Mother of Parliaments." In this episode, elegant Honor Blackman, in the role of Cathy Gale, stands for Parliament at a by-election - fortunately a different one from the area where Sir Alec Douglas-Home faces an already motley lot of opponents. Cathy also entertains an M.P. to dinner as part of the investigation into the explosion plot, the M.P. being played by David Davies, who was once Miss Blackman's screen colleague on "Probation Officer".

Look Westward, 3 November, page 13: "Woman's Page" - 'The Avengers Look', author unknown, England. Half page feature for ordering an 'Avengers dress' (modelled by Honor Blackman) for 24s 6d, to cut out and sew.

TV Times issue 419, 8 November, pages 13,14, and 15, Life With Honor, Interview with Honor Blackman's husband Maurice Kaufmann, Shelley Weaver, England.

Manchester Evening News, 9 November, page 7, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
"The Avengers" go on their irreverent way on ITV to-night with a story in which Honor Blackman as Cathy wakens up in the condemned cell after a murder trial of which she can remember nothing and Steed arranges a bullion robbery.

Reveille, 14 November, page 6, The Avenger Wants A Wife, author unknown, England.

TV Times issue 420, 15 November, pages 13,14, and 15, Life With Honor (continued) It's Go - Go - Go!, Honor Blackman interview, Bill Evans, England.

TV Times issue 422, 29 November, page 21, Viewerpoint: Readers Letters page, England.
Honor, 007.  If Honor Blackman were in the next James Bond film, there would be no need for Mr. Bond himself!  She is the most decorative and resourceful actress I have seen in years.  When The Avengers finishes why not cast her as Mary Read?  She was a tough woman pirate, given to carrying a sword in one hand, a pistol in the other and a knife in her teeth.  Surely a suitable role for Honor?  (SGT.) JILL JONES, W.R.A.C. Lingfield, Surrey.

Daily Mirror, November 30, page 17, no title, author unknown, England.
Incidentally, actress Colette Wilde, who used to be ITV’s weathergirl for the Midlands and North, turns up in "The Avengers" tonight (ITV 10.05) as a conspirator out to conquer the world by a poison plot. Just to underline what a charming girl she is, she plans to use Cathy Gale (Honor Blackman) as a human sacrifice at a Roman-style party.

Manchester Evening News, 30 November, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
'THE AVENGERS' - ROMAN STYLE. Every week the creators of "The Avengers" dig their tongues more firmly into their cheeks as they produce more and more bizarre settings for the stories of agent Steed and helper Cathy. The latest, "The Grandeur That Was Rome", on ITV to-night is the most startling yet in the show's glances at oddities of human behaviour. A tycoon with political ambitions (played by Hugh Burden, pictured right conquering his future empress Colette Wilde) lives in a neo-Roman villa, with followers in togas.

Unidentified Paper, 3 December, page unknown, Not a chance with 'The Avengers', author unknown, England.
LIONEL BLAIR has not much chance of escape sandwiched like this between two of "The Avengers."  And Cathy (Honour (sic) Blackman), assisted by Steed (Patrick Macnee) looks likely to "arrest" him any moment with one of her famous judo throws.  But it's all good fun, though, when the pair from "The Avengers" turn up as guest stars to do tumble and dance routines with Lionel next week.  They will be in ABC television's "Thank Your Lucky Stars." I wonder if this episode still exists?

Manchester Evening News, 7 December, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England, Picture Caption.
More Glamour for Steed. As if Honor Blackman didn't provide enough glamour in "The Avengers", to-night's story - in which John Steed hunts a modern Robin Hood - introduces Lisa Peake as a pretty hat-check girl in a Chinese restaurant.

TV Times, 13 December, page 21, Viewerpoint, Letters Page, England.
Mr. Gale. One is tempted to wonder what happened to Mr. Gale.  Did he, perhaps, meet his demise as a result of a broken neck inflicted by Mrs. Gale of The Avengers?  ROGER KIRKWOOD.  Madison Avenue, Chaddesden, Derby.
A programme company spokesman says: Mr. Gale was a farmer in Kenya where he was shot by the Mau Mau.

The New York Times, 15 December, page ?, Tweedy Thriller: British Crime Series Spoofs Rival Shows, Anthony Carthew, USA.

Star Special #15: Meet The Avengers, exact date in 1963 unknown, no title, no author, EnglandEntire magazine is about the show.

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