TV Times, 9 January, pages 9 and 10, All Star Album, no author, England.  Includes Patrick Macnee biographical details and picture.

TV Times, 16 January, page unknown, Jennifer: The One-Shot Avenger, author unknown, England.  Jennifer Croxton's one-off appearance in Killer.

The Daily Mail 24 January, page unknown, Tara's farewell to her Steed, Barry Norman, England.

TV Times, 6 February, untitled, no author, England.  Piece about potential plastic surgery improvements for Linda Thorson.

TV Times Vol. 54, No 24, 27 February, pages 1, 60,61,62, The Blossoming of Linda Thorson into a Silent Avenger, England.

TV Times, 27 March, page 27, The Wonderful World of The Avengers, Kenneth Passingham, England.

Derby Evening Telegraph 30 March, pages unknown, Gamble Pays For New Avenger, Linda Thorson interview, England.

 TV Weekly, 7 April, pages unknown, title unknown, The End Of The Avengers, author unknown, New Zealand.

TV Weekly, 5 May, pages unknown, title unknown, Linda Thorson piece, author unknown, New Zealand.

TV Weekly, 19 May, pages unknown (four), title unknown, piece on The Avengers returning to NZ TV, author unknown, New Zealand.

TV Picture Life, May, pages unknown, Patrick Macnee Refuses To Live With His Wife and Children, Full page colour picture of the errant avenger and his wife, USA.

TV Weekly, June 23, pages 8,9,10,11, 'Avenger' Steed is now just plain Mr. Macnee, Patrick Blake, New Zealand.

TV Times Vol. 57, No. 58, 23 October, pages 33,34,35,36,37,38,39 and 40, The Diana Rigg Drama Spectacular, England.   This is a pull-out in the centre of the magazine.

Telerama, 30 November, page 1, no title, no author, France.  Patrick Macnee and Linda Thorson cover.

Super DC No. 1, exact date in 1969 unknown, page unknown, Star Pic: 1, author unknown, England.

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