TV Times, 7 January, 2 pages, An Avenger Who Is, Frankly, Delighted To Be Alive, -?- Clark, Australia.

TV Times Vol. 58, No. 8, 19 February, pages 8,9 and 10, How An Avenger Met Her Match, Linda Thorson test-drives the Hillman Avenger, Ann Beveridge, England. (A3C, A4C)

Nova Antena, 7 August , page 1, Avengers appear on cover only, Portugal.

Bunte Illustrierte, 11 August, pages 1,16,17, Tausche Emma Gegen Tara, author unknown, Germany.

Homes and Gardens, October, pages 84,85, Star Quality: Diana Rigg interviewed by Paul Sheridan, Paul Sheridan, England.

Telerama, 15 November, page 1, no title, no author, France.  Patrick Macnee cover.

Tele 7 Jours, 12 December, pages 1,8,9, Linda Peint Pour Oublier Tara King, author unknown, France.

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