Paris Match, 2 Janvier, pages 1,44,45, Tara, Ce N'Est Qu'Un Au Revoir, Yves Salgues, France. (O)

Daily Mail, 1 May, page 9, New Avenger John Seeks An Emma, Daily Mail Reporter, England.  Avengers stage play.

Daily Mail, 25 May, page 3, Steed's New Girl Must Brush Up Her Karate, Michael Cable, England.  Avengers stage play.

The Sun, 29 May, pages Unknown, I'm Flattered, My Face Is So Ugly, Says The New Steed, Kenneth Eastaugh, England. Simon Oates interview - Avengers stageplay.

Look-In, 5 June, No.22, page 1,3-5, The Spy Business, Author Unknown, England. 
This copy of 'The Junior TV Times' (a TV Listings magazine aimed at kids!!) has a great Steed and Tara cover, but the article inside is more of an overview of all TV spies, the section relevant to The Avengers reads:
But TV does occasionally make 'light' of the spy business.   One of the most popular series is The Avengers.  Steed, played by Patrick Macnee, looks more like a city 'gent' than anything else, with his bowler and brolly.  But that's just the point.  The enemy doesn't suspect the tough, down-to-earth spy beneath this elegant cover.  Steed's original partner was Cathy Gale (Honor Blackman).  Later, Emma Peel took over (Diana Rigg) and now Tara King (Linda Thorson) plays his attractive co-partner.  (O)

Daily Mail, 2 August, First Night: Steed and Co Miss The Target, Peter Lewis, England.  The Avengers stage play.

Daily Mirror, 3 August, Nobbled by a machine?, Arthur Thurkell, England.
I know it is the silly season, but surely that is no excuse to stage such consistent drivel as is found in "The Avengers" at London's Prince of Wales Theatre.  The show, based on the popular television series is a sorry disappointment.  It is obviously meant as entertainment for the whole family, but will appeal only to the very young.  It comes across as an inferior version of "Doctor Who", Simon Oates as John Steed and Sue Lloyd as Hannah Wild are got at by a gang of sexy girls in kinky leather gear - they are a sort of women's lib organisation who are going to rule the world
The show has plenty of special effects but these are all done so much better on film.   Compensations?  Well, the girls are very pretty and there's an amazing performance from Anthony Sharp as the Minister for Security.  There's a computer on stage that brainwashes humans.  I've got a sneaking suspicion it nobbled the authors of this strange mish-mash in which the machines are more interesting than the characters.

Plays and Players, Vol 18 #12, September, page 49, The Avengers, Michael Coveney, England.  Review of The Avengers stageplay at The Prince of Wales Theatre, London.

Australasian Post, November 18, page 44, Words of Honor, Alan Veitch, Australia.   Honor Blackman interview.

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