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A FAMILIAR FACE in dozens of cinematic Iron Curtain spy dramas, Polish-born actor Vladek Sheybal has his own personal, and diplomatically downstage East-West escape story.
He didn't jump the Iron Curtain.  He wasn't involved in one of those Bondish midnight handover ceremonies.  He sort of slipped underneath while no one was really looking.
"As a young Polish actor, I won an Oscar award and part of my prize, given by the Ministry of Culture, was to spend two weeks in Paris and in London to study French and English," he explained.
"But I liked it so much in England, I just stayed on.  Originally it was to be only for two years.  But it is 18 years now and I consider myself very English," said Vladek at home in Fulham.
"I didn't defect.  It was nothing political.  I just liked it better here."
Since becoming a British citizen he has been rather pigeon-holed playing baddies with Eastern European accents, although he appears as Zacardi, an unusually compelling little bird-man in this week's New Avengers story Cat Amongst The Pigeons.
He's divorced (his ex-wife is a member of the Polish National Theatre in Warsaw), a dedicated loner who loves to paint and write plays (none yet sold in this country, but several in Germany).  He speaks, in addition to his native tongue and English, fluent German, Italian and French and is resigned to being vaguely recognised as a face, rather than a name.
"I don't mind," he said.  "I'm a shy, inconspicuous little fellow."
But he's still managed to breach the Iron Curtain on a ministerial subsidy, which is a twist...

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Ah, Show business.  German-born actor Frederick Jaeger started out in the leading role of Bradshaw in Target, this week's episode of The New Avengers, sat around for two week in pouring rain and ended as little more than an extra!  His contract limited him to two weeks work so when the rain came to ruin the schedule of location filming he only had enough time left to play the minor role of a character called Jones.  Roy Boyd took over the Bradshaw part.  "Circumstances beyond our control," explained Avengers executive Brian Clemens.  "Sometimes you can't beat the British weather."

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THERE'S A certain poetic quality about the guest appearance of Ian Hendry in this week's episode of The New Avengers: To Catch A Rat.  For, back in 1960 Hendry was one of the original Avengers; in fact the programme developed from his own series called Police Surgeon.
"Rather eerie going back after 16 years and seeing Steed's same bowler hat," said Hendry.  "I left when the show was at its peak because I've always believed in keeping moving.  And inevitably when you keep moving you go around in the odd circle."
Poetic, too, that immediately before returning to The New Avengers set, Hendry had been out on tour for three months with a play called Motive with another Avengers "original", Honor Blackman.
Hendry has certainly broken a lot of new ground since he was Dr. Geoffrey Brent in the old run.  He's done seven different television series (including The Informer, Probation Officer and The Lotus Eaters), he turned down a chance of becoming the filmic James Bond, pre-empted Alfie in the film Live Now-Pay Later and is still restlessly plumbing his own talents and discovering new depths.
He has been writing poetry himself.  Music, too.  He's jotted down enough poetic prose to fill five small volumes ("or one large one"), has completed 10 songs (two of which are under consideration by Sammy Davis Jr.).  "Writing both is a complete release for me," he said.  "I'm hitting the pencil these days, instead of the bottle, and people."
Final poetic coincidence about Hendry's Avengers return: in To Catch A Rat he plays a circus trapeze artist.  And his very first experience in show business was as a stooge to Coco the Clown.

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