Woman's Realm, 26 March, pages unknown, "Avenger", author unknown, England. Patrick Macnee piece.

Woman, 2 April, pages 10,11,63, Has Success Spoiled Our Gareth?, Betty Messenger, England. 

Photoplay, April, pages unknown, I'm Just Acting Out Other People's Fantasies confesses 'New Avenger' Gareth Hunt, author unknown, England.  Gareth Hunt discusses The New Avengers.

Hotcar, August, pages unknown, Steed's Steed!, author unknown, England. A customising feature which features several cars in colour including the famous NWK 60P New Avengers Jaguar XJ12C

TV Times, 1 September, pages 1, 12, new in view, Dave Lanning, England.
OF COURSE The New Avengers, back this week, will be setting new trends... jet-setting, too.  Seven episodes of the new series are set abroad: three in the chateau country around Paris, four in Canada.  Cover girl Joanna Lumley, the fashion-setter Purdey, will look a bit different, as well.  The Purdey hairstyle - haute coiffeur's answer to the Beatle cut is becoming shaggier, slightly wilder, but still with the fringe.  A sexier Purdey, too?  "Let's say even more individual in style and fashion," said Joanna Lumley (with Patrick Macnee and Gareth Hunt, right).  "Nothing shocking or offensive.  But I'm sure people will notice me."  COMEBACK SHOW FACT: Inventor of the "Purdey Cut", hairdresser John Frieda, husband of pop singer Lulu, is the man who modified the style for the new series.

TV Guide, 22 October, pages 1,2,3,4,6, Time Out!, Gordon Donaldson, Canada.

TV Times, 27 October, page 22, Mr Avengers: The Man Who Liberated Purdey, Stewart Knowles, EnglandBrian Clemens piece.

The Herald TV Times, 4 November, Pages 1,?, The New Avengers, Wessely Hicks, Canada. 

TV Times, 10 November, page 36, Programmes In View: Helping The Avengers Get Their Man, Innes Gray, England.  The New Avengers filming in Canada.

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