Story, 17 February, pages unknown, title unknown, article on Patrick Macnee, author unknown, Holland.

The Comic Reader #163, December, pages 13,14, no title, Rona Blabbit, USA.
Our good friend Larry Charet, an AVENGERS TV show fan of long-standing, has supplied us with a list of the AVENGERS episodes currently airing on CBS late-night.  Parenthetically, he wishes to indicate that he didn't agree with W. Jurkiw's critique of the episodes in TCR #162.  Anyway, following is the first two season's worth in their original order with plot synopses.  [I've cut these out, but if anybody is researching The New Avengers and wants the details, drop me a line].  Speaking of Steed, if THE HARDY BOYS survives into the rerun season, you might want to catch the rerun of the October 15th.   The episode, in which Frank and Joe Hardy operate in their new capacity as agents of the U.S. State Department (the characters bear no resemblance to their literary counterparts any longer) has them in London attempting to find Fenton Hardy - and they run into a British secret service agent played by Patrick Macnee.  Strangely enough, he was never called anything (TV GUIDE called him "S"), but he had the famous bowler and umbrella - and at the conclusion he glimpsed a Mrs. ----, in a shopping mall.   It's a rare cross-over in any case, since CBS has the NEW AVENGERS series and Universal has no interest in it.  I wish we could see more of that kind of thing.

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