Top Secret issue 3, April, page 28, Deadline: The Avengers Column, Dave Rogers, USA. The Elizabeth Shepherd era.

TV Gold Magazine, June, page unknown, Title unknown, author unknown, USA.  Avengers piece - probably generic.

Top Secret Volume 1 Issue 4, July, pages 28,29,30,31,32,36, Majestic Beauty, Graham P. Williams, USA.   Tara King season overview.

Bath Advertiser, 5 November, page unknown, Evergreen Avenger, author unknown, England. Diana Rigg interview.

The Sunday Express Magazine, 9 November, pages 54,55,56, Macnee's A Jolly Good Fellow!, Jo Weedon, England. Patrick Macnee interview.

Timescreen issue 8, December, pages 27,28,29,30, Star Cars: The Avengers, Tony O'Grady, England. All you ever wanted to know about the cars of The Avengers.

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