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London Evening Standard, 7 April, page 6, Gareth prefers to play the seducer, author unknown, England.
GARETH HUNT has finally buried the ghost of his seventies TV tough guy character, in the New Avengers. Although he became almost as famous for his television coffee advertisements, the Avengers image had proved particularly difficult to discard.
His latest role is the lead in Ray Cooney's Two Into One at Bromley's Churchill Theatre.
As eminent MP Dick Willey, he tries to seduce one of the Prime Minister's private secretaries played by Heather Alexander and books a room which turns out to be next door to the one occupied by his wife.
Gareth, 51, who is twice-married and father of two grown-up sons, has also been showing his mellow side since his partner Amanda Cosh gave birth to their son Jason. "This time I'm sharing my son's childhood," he said.

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The Daily Express, 18 December, pages 29,31, Fabulous Joanna's got a new class act, Danae Brook, England.

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