The Avengers Season Three (1963 to 1964)

Episode Four: The Nutshell
TX: October 19 1963


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Manchester Evening News, 19 October, page 7, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
'Ward 10' doctor gets out of the rut. From his role of a schoolteacher deep in the Australian outback for last Tuesday's play "Stella" Charles Tingwell becomes a ruthless M.I.5 man giving John Steed the third degree in to-night's "Avengers" episode. blah blah blah. "Maybe they'll say I'm being typed in coppers' pants now," he said. That problem should not arise in his "Avengers" appearance when anything approaching Judges' rules is firmly pushed aside. The action takes place deep in the underground chambers of the Regional Seat of the Government for the next world war. Steed, played by Patrick Macnee, is hunting a suspected traitor in the vast subterranean city, but himself becomes the quarry. ESCAPOLOGIST. In an electrified interrogation chamber he is guided by Cathy (Honor Blackman) and Tingwell's M.I.5. operative. Edina Ronay, shapely blonde daughter of the cookery expert Egon Ronay, turns up as an escapologist. The script is a first effort for TV by Phillip Chambers who has written many Sexton Blake novels, but has no doubt managed to add for this occasion the veneer of sophisticated wit that makes "The Avengers" such a viewable series.

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