The Avengers Season Three (1963 to 1964)

Episode Six: November Five
TX: November 2 1963


TV Times listing for November Five.
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Episode-specific articles

TV Times issue 417, 25 October, page 27, John Gough gossip column, John Gough, England.
In Common.  The cast list for next Saturday's The Avengers carries these three names: Honor Blackman, David Davies, Iris Russell.  What do they have in common?  They all played probation officers at one time or another in the series Probation Officer.

Manchester Evening News, 2 November, page 5, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
It was partly luck that another of to-night's TV shows should have a strong topical flavour. Naturally, the week-end near November 5 seemed the right one to schedule for an "Avengers" story about a plot to blow up parliament with a five-megaton warhead. "But no-one was to know at that time," says ABC, "just how much the Palace of Westminster would be in the news. It could hardly be foreseen that a real life situation with explosive potential should surround the Mother of Parliaments." In this episode, elegant Honor Blackman, in the role of Cathy Gale, stands for Parliament at a by-election - fortunately a different one from the area where Sir Alec Douglas-Home faces an already motley lot of opponents. Cathy also entertains an M.P. to dinner as part of the investigation into the explosion plot, the M.P. being played by David Davies, who was once Miss Blackman's screen colleague on "Probation Officer".

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