The Avengers Season Three (1963 to 1964)

Episode Eighteen: Mandrake
TX: January 25 1964


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Episode-specific articles

TV Times issue 428, 10 January, page 18, John Gough Column, John Gough, England.
Actress Honor Blackman will have a real wrestler as an opponent in next Saturday's The Avengers.  He is Jackie "Mr TV" Pallo - but he doesn't appear as a wrestler, he plays a sexton.  And Honor (as Cathy Gale) tangles with him in a cemetery.  The outcome?  That I am sworn to keep secret.  But since the result is dictated by the plot I suggested to Jackie that this was one fight I could say was fixed.  "Don't use that word to me," he said with a shudder.   Attraction of the part to Jackie is that it gives him some straight acting to do as well.  It goes on a bit more but no more Avengers mentions...

Daily Mail, 16 January, page 1, Ko'd by Honor!, Daily Mail Reporter, England.

Daily Mirror, 17 January, page 11, The Rex North Column, Rex North, England.
JACKIE PALLO, TV wrestler and stunt man, accidentally knocked out by Honor Blackman, returns to work today. "Iím used to knocks, but this one hurt my pride a little," said Jackie. "Itís not the first time, mind you. I had my nose broken by a girl cousin when I was twelve. She kicked me in the face and won the bout.

Daily Mirror, 25 January, page 12, Author Unknown, England,  Photo-caption.
If you were playing ĎWhatís My Line?í with Annette Andre, 21, you might guess that she is an actress. But guessing her role in tonightís "The Avengers" story (ITV) is a bit tougher. She is still an actress but an out-of-work one who takes a job in a Christmas cracker factory. In real life, Australian Annette has not had to go to such extremes. Since she arrived in Britain eighteen months ago, she has been busy appearing in a West End stage show, five TV series, and next week her first film, "This is my Street", is out."

TV Times issue 432, 7 February, page 13, Viewerpoint, Readers' Letters, England.
Match for Mick:  NOW we have seen Cathy Gale wrestling with Jackie Pallo in The Avengers, would it be possible to see her tackling Mick McManus?  Expect you'll be looking for someone to replace Mrs. Gale soon.  I have the right name, but when I try Cathy's tricks on my husband, I am the one who always finishes up on the deck!  (MRS.) P. GALE, Romford, Essex.

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