The Avengers Season Three (1963 to 1964)

Episode Twenty One: Build A Better Mousetrap
TX: February 15 1964


TV Times listing for Build A Better Mousetrap.
TV Times London edition

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Episode-specific articles

TV Times issue 432, 7 February, page 18, Two-wheel Gale, Honor Blackman and motorbikes, John Gough, England, One paragraph and a photo in a gossip column

Daily Mirror, 12 February, page 5, Ton-Up Avenger, Author Unknown, England.

Manchester Evening News, 15 February, page 3, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
HONOR TOOK LESSONS ON MOTOR-BIKE. ATHENE SEYLER as a witch and Honor Blackman as a ton-up kid are two of the choice offerings in to-night's "Avengers" story. Miss Blackman mounts a 500cc to do her share in an investigation into the goings-on of two elderly women at an old mill - in a home-made laboratory they are producing strange scents and explosions and somehow immobilising everything mechanical that gets near the mill - including the machines of a local motorcycle gang. Miss Blackman had refresher lessons in motor-cycling - she was once a courier for a blood donor service - to help in the hunt. Patrick Macnee as agent Steed does the inside work, posing as an official of the National Distrust.

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