The Avengers Season Three (1963 to 1964)

Episode Twenty Three: The Charmers
TX: February 29 1964


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Episode-specific articles

Daily Mail, 29 February, page 4, The Bowler Hatted Avenger Girl, Charles Greville, England.
HONOR BLACKMAN can fairly be credited with starting something during her time with ABC TV's The Avengers.  All that leatherwork.  But on tonight's Avengers episode - The Charmers - she has a rival.  None other than our husky-throated friend Fenella Fielding.  And I predict that Fenella may possibly start something too.  For she wears a bowler hat.  There are certain types of girls that can wear bowler hats.  They look splendid in them.  Fenella is one.  And I just quietly suspect that every girl of ambition and charm will be having a try at the bowler-hat kick this spring.  I like them, anyway.  And I suppose I am fairly representative.

Manchester Evening News, 14 March, page 3, Max North's Telereview, ?, England.
Fenella Fielding made an intriguing and exotic sidekick for Steed in the episode that was screened on Leap Year Day and - if she was willing and ABC could afford her fee - should fill the role admirably again. Clearly the part calls for someone with a distinct personality, a taste for the offbeat and a style very different from Honor Blackman's. Who could deny that Miss Fielding fits all these conditions. She is also a lot of fun.

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