The Avengers Season Four (1965 to 1966)

Episode Eight: A Surfeit Of H2O
TX: November 19 1965


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TV Times Granada edition

TV World listing for A Surfeit Of H2O
TV World

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Episode-specific articles

Manchester Evening News, 20 November, page 3, "Now It's Steed's Turn To Fall For Sue", Sue Lloyd interview, Max North, England.

TV World, 18 November, page 19, Series and Serials: Unknown 'A Surfeit of H20' Piece, author unknown, England.

TV Times issue 528, 9 December, page 18, Viewerpoint: Letters Page, England.
Caught!  As a countryman I was tickled pink to see the so-called poacher putting down his snares in The Avengers story "A Surfeit of H2O."  All he would catch with them if he were lucky would be a cold!  H.J. LAST, Cranmore Lane, West Horsley, Surrey.  ...I was surprised to see a regular village poacher set rabbit snares with the bottom loop of the snare on the ground.  The usual height for this should have been a fist and thumb from the ground.  JOHN W. WAIND.  A programme company spokesman says: We completely disagree that he would not catch anything.  He certainly caught us out!

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