Manchester Evening News, 1 January, page 3, Max North's Telereview, Max North, England.
Time was when a special agent named Peter Dallas was involved down South America way in adventures that even The Avengers would envy. "Top Secret" was the name of the television series, and actor William Franklyn played Dallas, cool, suave, and athletic, he proved a difficult man to cross. But times change and Peter Dallas is no more. William Franklyn, however, is very much around in tonight's episode of "The Avengers" series he changes character and becomes Omrod. Even the name seems slightly villainous. SPARKS FLY. Omrod is elegant, cool and vicious. When he wants something the stakes are astronomically high. And the sparks fly when he meets Steed. The fight to settle their differences takes place in a field. With the protagonists mounted on horses and dressed for a hunt. The episode took five days to film by director Roy Baker. It will become one of the highlights of the current series of "The Avengers".

Punch, 5 January, page 28, Criticism: Television, R.G. Price, England.
The Avengers (ITV) is entering the new year strongly; but, having decided to cash in on the cult and laugh at itself even more wildly than the Bond films, it is in danger of losing its stance.  The mad predicaments and the loony decors get better and better and the infiltration of Sci Fi has unexpectedly come off.  But the corny charm of an unsophisticated central situation can't coexist comfortably with the panache of the surface.  The episode about the gang who, very sensibly, tried to unseat Steed's reason by telepathy had some splendid detail, particularly the shooting match in the hall of distorting mirrors, but the plot was too ramshackle.  They need to take more time to suspend disbelief.

TV Weekly, 6 January, page 5, It's Not All Drama, author unknown, England.

TV Week, 8 January, pages 6 and 7, Dressed To Kill!, Roslyn Owen, Australia.

TV Weekly, 13 January, page 4, Her New Wardrobe, author unknown, England.
In 15 weeks The Avengers' Diana Rigg has had only 3 chances to wear her new wardrobe, designed by John Bates at Jean Varon - but from now until the end of the series, in March, Diana will be seen in her new clothes.

TV Weekly, 13 January, page 4, 'Snudge' is a colonel, author unknown, England.

Look Westward, 23 January, page unknown, title unknown, author unknown, England.  Small Patrick Macnee piece.

The People, 23 January, page 1, Now she's started a SHOW WAR too!, author unknown, England.

Manchester Evening News, 24 January, page 1, "The Avengers" Emma Will Floor 'Em At Stratford, ?, England.

Daily Mail, 25 January, page 6, Treble or Quits, Douglas Marlborough, England

Daily Mirror, 25 January, page 3, It's Shakespeare For Emma Peel, Diana Rigg appearing in Stratford, Clifford Davis, England.
Actress Diana Rigg who plays judo expert Emma Peel in "The Avengers" on ITV, is going back to Shakespeare. And last night she said that she would not be going back to "The Avengers" unless she gets a big pay rise. Her 150-a week contract expires next month when she finishes filming the present series. She returns to the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-on-Avon in April to play Viola in "12th Night". Her salary will be 370 a week. But the future of "The Avengers" may depend on a try-out on American television this Spring. A spokesman for ABC television, which makes it, said last night: "It is unlikely that we would produce another series unless the Americans decide to buy.

Daily Mirror, 25 January, page 3, Diana may quit the Avengers, Clifford Davis, England.
TELEVISION tough girl Diana Rigg, of the Avengers, is involved in a new battle - for more pay. If she does not get a rise, Diana (above), who earns £150 a week for her role as judo expert Emma Peel, is threatening to quit the series. Last night, 27-year-old Diana, who is returning to the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-on-Avon for a season this summer, told me: "If I go back to the Avengers, it will have to be for at least three times as much. The salary was a fair one when I started a year ago, but suddenly being Emma Peel is obviously worth a lot more." Yorkshire-born Diana who graduated with the Royal Shakespeare Company before going on to ITV's cops-and-robbers series, is returning to them to play Viola in Twelfth Night. Her fee: £70 a week. But she will still be available for the Avengers. The Avengers, which began in 1961, gets a try-out on American TV this spring.
Note: This is a regional variation on the piece above.

TV Times issue 535, 27 January, pages 6 and 10, With Emma In Mind, The fashions of Emma Peel; John Bates interview, Lynn Thomas, England.

TV Weekly, 27 January, page 4, Club Is Renamed, no author, England.
The Avengers story on Saturday, The 13th Hole, was filmed at the Mill Hill Golf Club, re-named Crableigh Golf Club for the occasion, where several holes have been re-designed to allow the new M1 extension to go further into London. The series' producers were fortunate in being able to film on several of the holes before they are bulldozed out of existence.

TV World, 27 January, page 3, People, no author, England.
Usually Patrick Allen of Crane fame is right-handed.  But if he has to take a swing at something - possibly someone's jaw - he is left-handed.  This gave The Avengers director, Roy Baker, quite a headache in Saturday's episode, "The 13th Hole" which, predictably, is about golf.  Said Pat: "Roy had all the camera shots lined-up for right-handers - including that swinging girl Diana Rigg - but I just had to do it left-handed.  I couldn't even hit a punchball the other way round and it's the same when I play cricket."  Pat recently became a businessman with interests in two TV production companies.  "It's all a bit of a game.  I have these high-powered conferences and everybody is terribly serious.  I feel I'm playing a part, but I hope it isn't one I tire of."

Daily Mail, 2 February, page 3, TV, Review of The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Margaret Drabble, England
...as a comedy The Avengers or Get Smart are streets ahead.

TV World, 16 February, pages 17 and 18, Diana Rigg tastes... A Touch Of Brimstone, no author, England.

Manchester Evening News, 19 February, page 3, Photo-caption
A Queen of Sin.
This is one of the roles of Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) in an orgy scene during "A Touch Of Brimstone" tonight's episode on ITV. The snake is a real one.

Daily Mail, 22 February, page 4, People, Gossip Column: Diana Rigg & Stuntmen, England
..Actress Diana Rigg who had to have a stuntMAN do her fighting in earlier "Avengers" episodes now knows her business so well she does all the tough stuff herself...

The Stage and Television Today, 24 February, Combined Right Mixture of Extravaganza and Menace, Michael Billington, England.

TV Times issue 539, 24 February, pages 2 and 3, Fit And Fizzy, Diana Rigg interview, Dave Lanning, England.

he New Zealand Listener, 25 February, She Won't Be Typed, page 32, author unknown, New Zealand.

The Stage and Television Today, 3 March, untitled, page unknown, author unknown, England.
...a story in ABC's filmed series THE AVENGERS was the cause of an ITA ruling that the programme had to be cut by one minute or shown after 9 P.M.  The scene objected to showed Diana Rigg as Emma Peel apparently being whipped.   Rediffusion chose in this instance to leave programmed schedules unchanged and cut the allegedly objectionable scene from "A Touch Of Brimstone" shown in London on February 18.

TV Weekly, 3 March, page 4, Success Girl, no author, England.
Does anybody know what TV Weekly was?

Daily Mail, 7 March, page 4, Non-Political People, Popularity of Diana Rigg, England
...Asked to name who they'd like invited to lecture them on poise, South London youth club girls chose Diana Rigg of The Avengers, Lady Dorothy Macmillan or Norman Hartnell in that order...

Daily Mail, 8 March, page 3, TV, Review of 'The Ratcatchers' TV show, England
The difference between this stuff and The Avengers or The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is that when you are caught watching it you feel obliged to offer some defensive explanation.

The Times, 12 March, page 5, disputes about payments - author unknown, England.

TV World, 16 March, page 1 & ?, title unknown, author unknown, England.

Weekend, 16 March, pages 1,16,17, Hell For The Leather Girl, Michael Kirsch, England.

TV Showtime, 18 March, page unknown, Poster of Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg, no author, USA.

TV Week, 19 March, page unknown, title unknown, author unknown, Australia.  Small Diana Rigg Avengers piece.

Stage and Television Today, unknown date in late March 1966, page unknown, Shameless Legpull, author unknown Review of 'Honey For The Prince'

Man's Journal, April, page unknown, The Strange Case of the Green Girl, Brian Clemens and Graham Finlayson, EnglandMan's Journal was a supplement that came with the monthly Woman's Journal.

Newsweek, 4 April, page 94, Good Chap Sexuality, Author unknown, USA.

The New Zealand Listener, 7 April, page ?, Steed The Avenger, author unknown, New Zealand.

Sunday Citizen, 24 April, pages 8 and 9, Secret Agent Girls Find Man's Last Retreat, The rise of the female spy, including Mrs Peel, Cynthia Grenier, Scotland.

TV Guide, 30 April, pages unknown, Preview of Summer Replacement Shows including The Avengers, Unknown, USA.

Fabulous, 30 April, page unknown, "Avengers girl Diana Rigg talking about men" , Unknown, England.

TV Channels, 1 May, pages 1 & unknown, title unknown, author unknown, USA.

TV Prevues, 1 May, Cover, page 2, Spoofing It Up On The Avengers, ?, USA.

Daily Mail, 3 May, page 3, Back In The Shakespeare Business, Diana Rigg returns to the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford on Avon, England.

TV Week, 7 May, page 3, no title, no author, Australia.
Who's the lady behind the veil?  Why, it's Diana Rigg, who plays Emma Peel in The Avengers.  Diana is pictured doing the Dance of the Seven Veils for a visiting Middle Eastern potentate in a future episode, Honey For The Prince.  Diana, who took over the lead in the series from Honor (Kathy Gale) Blackman, is called on to fight with guns, judo, wrestling and boxing as her weapons - but she still manages to look beautiful.  Diana doesn't always come off best in her fights - in future episodes she will be thrown down flights of stairs and hurled through plate-glass windows.

Daily Mail, 11 May, page 8, "To be sexy in private is quite enough for the Englishwoman" - Diana Rigg talking yesterday., Diana Rigg interview, Barry Norman, England.

TV Week, 14 May, pages 1 & unknown (2), title unknown, author uknown, USA.

Observer Magazine, 15 May, page ?, The Avengers and Elizabeth David in a Cavalcade of Kit..., [Sorry about the mystery ending but I copied this about nine years ago and didn't fit it in the copier very well. I'll check it when I've done the rest].
The Observer Simple Girl's Guide to Kitchens @ Heal's, 196 Tottenham Court Road, London W1. Featuring Mrs Peel's Kitchen and Steed's 'bedside, plug-in kitchen'.

Woman's Mirror, 28 May, page 1 and ?, Diana Rigg - The Other Side of Emma Peel, unknown, England.

Woman's Mirror, 28 May, page ?, John Bates and his Pussycat Fashion , unknown, England.

Encounter, June, page 38 Tassels and Other Gadgets, David Sylvester, USA.  'Paragraph-long' Avengers mention.

TV Century 21, 4 June 2066, page ?, Corgi Model Club News: The Avengers, no author, England.

TV Weekly, 6 June, page 1 & unknown, title unknown, Diana Rigg Avengers cover and story, author unknown, New Zealand.

Detroit News TV Magazine, 12 June, page ?, title unknown, author unknown, USA.

Daily Mail, 15 June, page 3, Honor's New Role... A Far Cry From The Avengers, Honor Blackman starring in a new play, England.

Daily Mail, 17 June, page 14, Showplace: Diana Goes Back To Stratford In Triumph, Review of Twelfth Night, England.

Diana, 18 June, page ?, Lucky Penny Talks To ('Avenger') Emma Peel, Diana Rigg interview, 'Lucky Penny', England.

TV Weekly: Detroit Free Press, 3 July, 2 pages - unknown, author unknown, USA.

Daily Mail, 18 July, page 4, Miss Rigg looking like vengeance, Diana Rigg attends a Vietnam protest, England.

Daily Mail, 30 July, page 4, Cardin Takes Off For Space, Pierre Cardin fashion show, Joy Tagney, England
Well I went to Cardin, along with Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee (who went to see what kind of clothes they're going to get when Cardin designs for The Avengers) and a lot of other people"... Part of a larger piece, England.

Daily Mirror, 30 July, page 5, Now Mr. Cardin Launches Men Into The Space Age, Avengers at Pierre Cardin fashion show, Felicity Green, England
...sitting near me at the show and taking all this space stuff like a man was "Avenger" Patrick Macnee. He plans for Steed to wear this look in the next TV series.

London Evening Standard, ? August, page unknown, Don't Call Me Emma! Diana Rigg on the appeal of the fighting woman, Milton Shulman, England.

Daily Mail, 2 August, page 4, How Miss Rigg Keeps That Familiar Look, Pierre Cardin fashions, Charles Greville, England.

Daily Mail, 5 August, page 3, TV Column, Review of Adam Adamant, Virginia Ironside, England
Using what sounded like a rejected Avengers script, with none of the imagination or slickness of that show.

Garden Ghouls Gazette #21, September, page unknown, no title, author unknown, USA.  Review of The Avengers in vintage fanzine.

TV Weekly, 10 October, page unknown, title unknown, 'the guest critic talks about The Avengers and Diana Rigg', author unknown, New Zealand.

Daily Mail, 9 November, page 1, Avengers for U.S., The sale of season five to the USA, England
A 26-week series of TV's The Avengers has been sold to America. A previous black-and-white series was sold to 40 countries, including the U.S.

The Times, 9 November, page 11, unknown, News In Brief
The ABC Television series The Avengers which returns to British screens from January 6, will also be screened in the United States, but in colour. The American Broadcasting Company has signed a contract to run the first 26 programmes for more than $2m.

New Zealand TV Weekly, November 21, pages 1,22,23,26,27, Meet Mrs. Peel's Rough and Tumble Teacher, author unknown, New Zealand.
Ray Austin interview

TV Weekly, November 28, pages unknown (four of them), title unknown, four page spread, author unknown, New Zealand.

Daily Mail, 9 December, page 3, TV Column, Review of The Girl From UNCLE, Geoffrey Nicholson, England
UNCLE, man or girl, is light years ahead of adventure series like The Saint or The Baron. But it still makes you feel nostalgic for Danger Man's attentive care for detail and The Avengers imaginative extravagance... part of a larger piece.

Daily Mail, 30 December, page 3, As the Bishop said to the actress, Barbara Shelley gossip piece referring to an ABC party and her upcoming part as 'Venus' in The Avengers, England, Not really worth having.

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