The Avengers Season Four (1965 to 1966)

Episode Thirteen: Too Many Xmas Trees
TX: December 23 1965


TV Times listing for Too Many Christmas Trees.
TV Times London edition

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Episode-specific articles

TV Times, 16 December, page 6, Nightmare For Steed, no author, England.

The Stage and Television Today, 30 December, page unknown, Nightmare Santa From The Avengers, Kari Anderson. Review of Too Many Christmas Trees.

Punch, 5 January 1966, page 28, Criticism: Television, R.G. Price, England.
The Avengers (ITV) is entering the new year strongly; but, having decided to cash in on the cult and laugh at itself even more wildly than the Bond films, it is in danger of losing its stance.  The mad predicaments and the loony decors get better and better and the infiltration of Sci Fi has unexpectedly come off.  But the corny charm of an unsophisticated central situation can't coexist comfortably with the panache of the surface.  The episode about the gang who, very sensibly, tried to unseat Steed's reason by telepathy had some splendid detail, particularly the shooting match in the hall of distorting mirrors, but the plot was too ramshackle.  They need to take more time to suspend disbelief.

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