The Avengers Season Four (1965 to 1966)

Episode Eighteen: The Thirteenth Hole
TX: January 28 1966


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TV Weekly, 27 January, page 4, Club Is Renamed, no author, England.
The Avengers story on Saturday, The 13th Hole, was filmed at the Mill Hill Golf Club, re-named Crableigh Golf Club for the occasion, where several holes have been re-designed to allow the new M1 extension to go further into London. The series' producers were fortunate in being able to film on several of the holes before they are bulldozed out of existence.

TV World, 27 January, page 3, People, no author, England.
Usually Patrick Allen of Crane fame is right-handed.  But if he has to take a swing at something - possibly someone's jaw - he is left-handed.  This gave The Avengers director, Roy Baker, quite a headache in Saturday's episode, "The 13th Hole" which, predictably, is about golf.  Said Pat: "Roy had all the camera shots lined-up for right-handers - including that swinging girl Diana Rigg - but I just had to do it left-handed.  I couldn't even hit a punchball the other way round and it's the same when I play cricket."  Pat recently became a businessman with interests in two TV production companies.  "It's all a bit of a game.  I have these high-powered conferences and everybody is terribly serious.  I feel I'm playing a part, but I hope it isn't one I tire of."

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