The Avengers Season Four (1965 to 1966)

Episode Twenty One: A Touch Of Brimstone
TX: February 18 1966


TV World listing for A Touch Of Brimstone.
TV World

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Episode-specific articles

TV World, 16 February, pages 17 and 18, Diana Rigg tastes... A Touch Of Brimstone, no author, England.

Manchester Evening News, 19 February, page 3, Photo-caption
A Queen of Sin.
This is one of the roles of Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) in an orgy scene during "A Touch Of Brimstone" tonight's episode on ITV. The snake is a real one.

The Stage and Television Today, 24 February, Combined Right Mixture of Extravaganza and Menace, Michael Billington, England.

The Stage and Television Today, 3 March, untitled, page unknown, author unknown, England.
...a story in ABC's filmed series THE AVENGERS was the cause of an ITA ruling that the programme had to be cut by one minute or shown after 9 P.M.  The scene objected to showed Diana Rigg as Emma Peel apparently being whipped.   Rediffusion chose in this instance to leave programmed schedules unchanged and cut the allegedly objectionable scene from "A Touch Of Brimstone" shown in London on February 18.

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