The Avengers Season Five (1967)

Episode One: From Venus With Love
TX: January 11 1967


TV Times listing for From Venus With Love.
TV Times London edition

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Episode-specific articles

TV Times issue 585, 12 January, page 6, Dressed For Danger - That's The Avengers, Colin Neil McKay, England.

Manchester Evening News, January 14th, page3, Max North's Telereview
In the first episode of ABC's new series of "The Avengers" tonight, the sky is literally the limit.  Steed and Mrs Peel, played by Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg, join the British Venusian Society which plans to land a satellite on Venus.  But the programme title - "From Venus With Love" - does not mean that the series has gone over to Science Fiction.  True, the BVS fears that mysterious ray attacks which turn people white as they kill them may herald an invasion from Venus.  But with The Avengers nothing is ever quite what it seems, and a spokesman said; "The new series will continue to deal with the super-normal rather than the supernatural".    Steed and Emma have some fairly hair-raising adventures in every kind of setting from a graveyard to an optician's consulting room before they discover the source of the ray.

Variety, exact date unknown - but sometime during the week ending January 20, page unknown, The Avengers, author not given, USA.

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