Daily Mail, 5 January, page 3, Why Billy Walker Got Mixed Up With The Avengers, Launch for the Alun Hughes collection, England.

Daily Mirror, 5 January, page 7, Such a PHYSICAL QUALITY, Alun Hughes fashion collection, England.

TV Times issue 585, 12 January, page 6, Dressed For Danger - That's The Avengers, Patrick Macnee (Pierre Cardin) and Diana Rigg (Alun Hughes) fashions, Colin Neil McKay, England.

TV Times issue 585, 12 January, page 7, Designing Male, Interview with Alun Hughes regarding Emma Peel's fashions, Susan Maughan, England.

TV World, 12 January, pages 1 & ?, title unknown, author unknown, England.

Manchester Evening News, January 14th, page3, Max North's Telereview
In the first episode of ABC's new series of "The Avengers" tonight, the sky is literally the limit.  Steed and Mrs Peel, played by Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg, join the British Venusian Society which plans to land a satellite on Venus.  But the programme title - "From Venus With Love" - does not mean that the series has gone over to Science Fiction.  True, the BVS fears that mysterious ray attacks which turn people white as they kill them may herald an invasion from Venus.  But with The Avengers nothing is ever quite what it seems, and a spokesman said; "The new series will continue to deal with the super-normal rather than the supernatural".    Steed and Emma have some fairly hair-raising adventures in every kind of setting from a graveyard to an optician's consulting room before they discover the source of the ray.

TV Magazine, 15 January, pages 1,2,3, The British Spy Series On ABC That Wouldn't Stay Dead, Frank Judge, USA. The return of The Avengers in colour. Came with the Washington D.C. Sunday Star.

TV Roundup, 15 January, page 1, no title, no author, USA. The return of The Avengers in color. Came with the Chicago Sunday American.

Daily Mail, 17 January, page 6, Why Honor Won't Use The Back Door Again..., Honor Blackman interview, Barry Norman, England.

TV Times, 19 January, page 1, cover, no author, England.

Variety, exact date unknown - but sometime during the week ending January 20, page unknown, The Avengers, author not given, USA.

TV Showtime, 20 January, page 2, Poster of Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg, no author, USA.

TV Guide issue 721, 21 January, pages 1,19,20,21,22, En Garde!, Robert Musel, USA. Diana Rigg interview.

Daily Mail, 23 January, page 1, Avengers Threatened, Strike at Elstree, England
Production at Elstree of ITV's The Avengers and The Saint is threatened today. About 100 members of the National Association of Theatrical and Kine Employees say they will strike if suspended shop stewards are not reinstated.

TV World, 26 January, pages unknown, This villain will have to go... Escape In Time, no author, England.

Daily Mail, 4 February, page 1, The Avengers Pack Is Here, Alun Hughes clothes go on sale, England, Continued inside.

Daily Mail, 4 February, pages 4 and 5, In Oxford Street yesterday seventeen Avengers and everyone is dressed to kill, Alun Hughes clothes go on sale, England.

Tele Radio, 13 February, pages 10 to 15, Los Vengadores Nueva Serie De Telefilms, author unknown, Spain.

TV Weekly, 13 February, pages unknown, title unknown, article on Avengers fashion, author unknown, New Zealand.

TV Tornado, 25 February, page unknown, Avengers Quiz, no author, England.

Daily Mail, 7 March, page 1, First of the million see the great homes show..., Daily Mail Ideal Homes Show with Avengers features, Vincent Mulchrone, England
...The Electricity Council shows you Diana Rigg's all-electric kitchen, which is a wow at £3600. Miss Rigg, star of The Avengers pottered around there decoratively yesterday. Plus photo: 'Avengers' girl Diana Rigg in her kitchen.

TV Times, 9 March, page 12, Tivvy Club: Digging Up The Family Tree, author unknown, England.  Children's article using bits from an earlier TV Times Patrick Macnee piece.

Daily Mail, 10 March, page 12, For Eating, Cooking and Talking... Diana's Kitchen is in the all star Style, Diana Rigg's kitchen at the Daily Mail Ideal Homes Exhibition, England.

TV Weekly, 13 March, page unknown, title unknown, author unknown, Avengers article, New Zealand.

TV Times issue 594, 16 March, page 5, All Tied Up With Patrick Macnee, Interview with Patrick Macnee (and Harry H. Corbett) regarding their hatred of neckties, Dave Lanning, England.

TV News, 25 March, pages 7,8 and 9, Steed Is Pretty Much Me, Author unknown, USA.

TV Weekly, 27 March, page unknown, title unknown, Patrick Macnee Avengers article, author unknown, New Zealand.

Daily Mail, 28 March, page 5, Dollars Double Emma's Work, More episodes sold to the USA, Daily Mail Reporter, England.

Tele Radio, ?March, 2 pages unknown, Modelo y Estrella, author unknown, Spain.  Diana Rigg piece.

Playboy, March, page 143, The Avengers: Jolly Good Show, part of the On The Scene section for hip young bachelors, no author detailed, USA.

TV Week, April 6, Diana Brushes Up Her Shakespeare - But she's a judo girl at heart, pages unknown (2), author unknown, Australia.

TV World, 6 April, page 19, His Old Living Could Be The Death Of Him, no author, England.

Punch, 12 April, page 539, Criticism: Television, Review of 'Epic', J. E. Hinder, England.
In a series such as The Avengers (ABC) confident flamboyance is essential.   In its prosperous old age the programme seemed to have lost this, but the other week something of the old panache returned in Epic by Brian Clemens.  Here ex-movie-director Z. Z. Von Schnerk (Kenneth J. Warren), resembling a crazy Von Stroheim, kidnaps Mrs Peel to star in a homicidal, all-purpose epic.  This is made up of a bit of Bergman, sundry fragrant memories of Scarface and horse-opera and a final Hammer-blow of Gothic horror featuring a circular saw.  Peter Wyngarde and Isa Miranda enjoyed themselves with thirteen disguises apiece.   This is the way I should like to remember The Avengers, when Macnee has handed in his bowler and Miss Rigg her mini-skirt, after vengeance is finally theirs.

TV Times issue 598, 13 April, page 6, From The North This Week, Introductory paragraph for the second run of Rigg colour episodes, England.
The Avengers.  Back on Saturday is The Avengers, now seven years old, and one of the most consistently successful, internationally-sold, British television series.  It was nominated for an Emmy award in the United States earlier this year and has millions of fans in Australia, Canada, Spain, Germany and many other countries.  What is the secret of The Avengers success?  Elegant Patrick Macnee, who plays John Steed, insisted: "It's all due to the girls.  Two completely independently-minded, absolutely wonderful females have been the success of The Avengers - or at least a great part of it."  Patrick's leading lady Diana Rigg, who, as Emma Peel, took over in The Avengers after actress Honor Blackman left, put it this way: "Patrick has been marvellous.  The series has been successful, I think, because we have broken away from the stereotype.  We have inverted the usual ideas and added humour to the inversion.  (Plus a photocaption: Feminine... but tough: that's Diana Rigg's formula for success as Emma Peel in The Avengers)

Daily Mail, 14 April, page 1, Diana Rigg To Quit The Avengers, Diana Rigg To Quit The Avengers, Daily Mail Reporter, England.

Daily Mirror, 14 April, page 10, Emma Peel Is To Quit TV's 'The Avengers', Diana Rigg leaving The Avengers, England.

TV Century 21, 15 April 2067, page unknown, Corgi Model Club News: Cars of the Stars no.1, no author, England.

Record Song Book, April, page unknown, "a snippet", author unknown, England.

Daily Mail, 30 May, page 1, Honor says 'No More Avengers', Honor Blackman turns down guest appearances, England
Honor Blackman, the first Avengers girl, has rejected offers to make guest appearances in the show. Last night the 38-year old star, who played leather-clad judo expert Cathy Gale in the ITV thriller series, said: "There's nothing new to get out of it - I want to go forward, not backward". The show's present star, Diana Rigg, 28, wants to leave the series later this year.

Daily Mail, 2 June, page 3, TV Column, Review, England.

TV Tornado comic, 3 June, page 2, TV Tornado Flash Point, Ed Storm, England.
FASHION note - Look at Patrick Macnee's feet next time you see The Avengers. He isn't always wearing boots as he used to. "A Chelsea boot is too high under flared trousers," Patrick told me.

TV Times, 8 June, page unknown, "Suave...", no author, England.  Patrick Macnee pin-up.

Toronto Telegram, 9 June, page unknown, Miss Rigg Needs Very Tall Leading Men, Robert Musel, Canada.

TV Guide issue 741, 10 June, pages 28,29,30,31, Diana Rigg and The Emmapeeler, author unknown, USA. Photo-spread of Avengers fashions.

TV Tornado comic, 10 June, page 2, TV Tornado Flash Point, Ed Storm, England.
MOST schoolboys hate ties; the things usually manage to wind up in a knot behind the ear! Well, take heart, fellows. That suave man-about-town, Patrick Macnee agrees with you. "I hate ties," he said. "I mean, what earthly use are they? I never wear one. Cravats are a different matter..." Go rather nicely with school uniform, too!

Daily Mail, 30 June, page 3, TV Column, England
Nice to have The Avengers back again with their individual brand of hokum. The formula has become totally predictable now - series of mysterious disappearances, search for link between them, unmasking of master criminal. But the show still has more charm than it's rivals, thanks entirely to Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg. What they prove so well is that style and wit in the stars of a thriller series can make up for any amount of nonsense in the plot.

TV Tornado comic, 1 July, page 2, TV Tornado Flash Point, Ed Storm, England.
Dozens of stars go to a gym to keep fit. Roger (The Saint) Moore, for instance, Avenger Patrick Macnee, Eamonn Andrews and Danger Man Patrick McGoohan. They have to, because being fit is part of their job. Their livelihood depends on it.

Titbits, 12 July 1967, pages 1 & ?, title unknown, author unknown, England.  Piece about the cost of advertising on the television.

Daily Mirror, 15 July, page 12,13, Emma Gives The Suit Cat Appeal, no author, England.
EMMA PEELER is the title they give the "cat suit" worn by Diana Rigg - and there are no prizes for guessing why.  This is the genuine article as worn by Diana in her up-and-at-'em rôle of Emma Peel in ABC-TV's The Avengers, which returns to British and American screens in the autumn.  The suit, made of stretch crimplene, is available in shops throughout the country, and designer Alun Hughes says that it is ideal for work or leisure.  Diana is just back from a trip to Germany with co-star Patrick Macnee, where The Avengers are not only a red-hot property, but one of the first programmes to be screened in the German colour service, which starts next month.

TV Tornado comic, 22 July, page 2, TV Tornado Flash Point, Ed Storm, England.
Curious the ruts that actors get into. Clifford Earl, seen recently in No Hiding Place, has a habit of meeting nasty deaths in his roles. He was blown to pieces in a car in The Rat Catchers, shot with a poison dart in The Saint, killed in a plane crash in Orlando and blown 19ft. across a room by an Elizabethan sporting pistol in The Avengers. "I just seem to get these sort of things", says Clifford. No wonder that off screen he follows quiet pursuits. "Angling is my speciality", he says. "It's very peaceful".

TV Tornado comic, 29 July, page 2, TV Tornado Flash Point, Ed Storm, England.
Is there something about the name Patrick? I don't know - but I do know a lot of Patrick's seem to be getting starring roles in TV series. There was Patrick Allen in Crane, Patrick Macnee in The Avengers, Patrick Wymark in The Power Game, Patrick McGoohan in Danger Man. And now here comes Patrick Mower in Haunted....

TV Tornado comic, 29 July, page 12, Ed Storm's Postbag, Ed Storm, England.
IN THE latest series of The Avengers, Steed owns two vintage Bentleys. Your readers might like to know the registration of the vehicles. His green Bentley is YK 8152; his red, supercharged, Bentley is RX 2186, while Emma's powder blue Lotus Élan is SJH 499D, her previous one being HNK 998C. Steed's YK is a London mark and RX is a Berkshire mark. Both Emma's are Hertfordshire marks... B. SMITH, Cavendish Street, Harrogate, Yorks.

Bravo, 31 July, page unknown, Emma Peel: Ich hasse schöne Männer!, author unknown, Germany.

Tele 7 Jours, ?July, pages 82,83, Diana Rigg A Renonce A Shakespeare Pour Le Karate, author unknown, France.

Bravo, 14 August 1967, pages 1 & unknown, title unknown, author unknown, Germany.

TV Weekly, 4 September 1967, pages unknown, title unknown, Will Diana Rigg stay on as Emma Peel?, author unknown, New Zealand.

Detroit Free Press: Television Section, 7 September, page unknown, title unknown, Bettelou Peterson, USA.  (Note: this is only The Avengers part of a larger piece)
The "season" started Tuesday as the first of the new shows debuted.  Now comes the howls from people who suddenly realize the "favorite" program isn't going to be around anymore.  Loudest protests are from "The Avengers" fans, a small but steady group who enjoyed the high-styled English-made series.  ABC has used it twice as a "Second Season" sub for some disaster.  This year there is no word of "Avengers" in the wings for January.  And if it should be resurrected, it would have to be in reruns.  The show is no longer in production.  Diana Rigg: who was Mrs. Peel did not want to do another year and would have had to be replaced.  (She was the second Mrs. Peel.  Honor Blackman originated the part.)  Patrick Macnee, who was Steed, is heading for New York looking for work."

TV Times, 21 September, page unknown, "Emma isn't me", says Diana Rigg, author unknown, England.  (London region)

Daily Mail, 27 September, page 1, "Emma, or Helena, being just Diana", (Avengers returning Friday)", England.

    September 28 - Season Five: Episode Seventeen - Return Of The Cybernauts

TV Times issue 622, 28 September, pages 1, 15, Style With A Smile, The completion of the Rigg colour episodes, England.
Loosely speaking, The Avengers keep the scales of justice fairly well balanced.  The weight often comes down on the side of the bizarre, the offbeat, the unexpected.  Their justice is sometime rough.  But the adventures of Emma Peel and John Steed usually end just like the picture (left).  With Emma (Diana Rigg) and Steed (Patrick Macnee) smiling, immaculate, stylish.  And, metaphorically, with tongues still fixed firmly in cheeks.  The new series of The Avengers has now been completed.  Diana and Pat are engaged in other pursuits.   For Diana: the part of Helena in the film version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," on location in Warwickshire.  Patrick is holidaying in the United States (New York first, then on to California) with his family.

TV World, 28 September, pages 1 & ?(1), Avengers Return With The Robots, author unknown, England.

    October 5 - Season Five: Episode Eighteen - Death's Door

TV Times issue 623, 5 October, page 55, In Next Week's TV Times, Tantalising preview for the upcoming Diana Rigg profile and interview, England.
What more is there to say about Diana Rigg one of the most publicised actresses in television? We'll tell you - starting next week... The author is Henry Gris. Top name American journalist. He arranged a world tour to meet the famous. On it, he came to England for one story only - the stars of The Avengers. This is the first of them... to be followed at a later date by his series on Patrick Macnee.

    October 12 - Season Five: Episode Nineteen - The £50,000 Breakfast

TV Times issue 624, 12 October, pages 4,5,6 and 7, The Girl Behind Emma Peel, Diana Rigg profile and interview, Henry Gris, England.

Tele Guia, 12 October, pages unknown, La Pareja De Vanguardia: John Steed y Emma Peel, author unknown, Chile.

    October 19 - Season Five: Episode Twenty - Dead Man's Treasure

TV Times issue 625, 19 October, pages 12-?, The Girl Behind Emma Peel - Part Two, Diana Rigg interview and profile part two, Henry Gris, England.

Daily Mirror, 20 October, page 7, "Enter Linda, The New Avenger", Linda Thorson is introduced to the press, England.
You know the man, of course, by his brolly and his bowler.  Patrick Macnee, who plays Avenger John Steed.  Now meet the girl poised so elegantly at the other end of his umbrella in London yesterday.  His new leading lady, Linda Thorson.  Canadian-born Linda, 20, was chosen from 200 actresses to take over when Diana Rigg quits the popular ITV series "The Avengers."  She will play Tara King, a wealthy farmer's daughter.  But as producer John Bryce said last night, she'll be more likely to hit her opponents with her handbag than fell them with the old karate chop.  For out go the kinky boots, leather gear and the judo of Miss Rigg's Emma Peel.  Instead: a "soft, sexy look" and fashions from the Twenties.

Daily Mail, 21 October, page 8, "As the girls keep going by, does the eternal Avenger ever feel jealous?", Patrick Macnee interview, Lynda Lee-Potter, England.

TV Tornado comic, 21 October, page 12, Star Spot, Ed Storm, England.
IAN HENDRY, who stars as Alex Lambert in The Informer was also Patrick Macnee's original partner in The Avengers. Born in Ipswich of Scottish parents, Ian is one of the best young actors in the country. He is married to actress Janet Munro and they live on an island in the Thames.

    October 26 - Season Five: Episode Twenty One - You Have Just Been Murdered

TV Times issue 626, 26 October, pages 16 and 17, The Girl Behind Emma Peel - Part Three, Diana Rigg interview and profile, Henry Gris, England.

Daily Mail, 30 October, page 3, Sharp change of image for Avenger girl, Brian Dean, England.

Variety, exact date unknown - but sometime towards the end of October, 1967, page unknown, review of The Return of the Cybernauts, author unknown, USA.

    November 3 - Season Five: Episode Twenty Two - The Positive Negative Man

TV Times issue 628, 9 November, pages 18 and 19, Unknown, Unknown, England.

    November 10 - Season Five: Episode Twenty Three - Murdersville

    November 17 - Season Five: Episode Twenty Four - Mission... Highly Improbable

Bravo, 4 December, pages 6,7,8,9,10, "Emma, laß uns nicht im Stich!", author unknown, Germany.  The readers of Bravo magazine have their telephone questions answered by Diana Rigg.

Bravo, 4 December, page 71, Bravo: Star Schnitt: Emma Peel, no author, Germany.  Section of a cut-out-and-keep, almost life-sized poster of Diana Rigg as Emma Peel.

TV Times issue 632, 7 December, pages 16 and 17, Article on 'top dressers of television' features Patrick Macnee and Ian Hendry, Unknown, England.
Caption - Patrick Macnee, always emerging elegant, suave and uncrumpled; Ian Hendry, always looking pressed, tailored and vital...

Daily Mail, 9 December, page 9, Matrons in mink make the scene with Mr. Frost, Diana Rigg attends David Frost book launch, England.

New York Sunday News, National Edition Section, 10 December, page 4, The Switch to the Non-Violent Female, Bob Lardine, USA.

San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle: Datebook, 24 December, page unknown, A Lanky, Long-Haired Lass is Leaving Miss Peel Behind, Maris Ross, USA.

Bravo, 25 December 1967, page 1 & ?, title unknown, author unknown, Germany.  Diana Rigg appears on this cover with a bevy of beautiful people.

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