The Avengers Season Five (1967)

Episode Three: Escape In Time
TX: January 25 1967


TV Times listing for Escape In Time.
TV Times London edition


Press Releases

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Episode-specific articles

TV World, 26 January 1967, pages unknown, This villain will have to go... Escape In Time, no author, England.

TV Tornado comic, 22 July 1967, page 2, TV Tornado Flash Point, Ed Storm, England.
Curious the ruts that actors get into. Clifford Earl, seen recently in No Hiding Place, has a habit of meeting nasty deaths in his roles. He was blown to pieces in a car in The Rat Catchers, shot with a poison dart in The Saint, killed in a plane crash in Orlando and blown 19ft. across a room by an Elizabethan sporting pistol in The Avengers. "I just seem to get these sort of things", says Clifford. No wonder that off screen he follows quiet pursuits. "Angling is my speciality", he says. "It's very peaceful".

TV Zone Special issue 6, August 1992, pages 44,45,46, The Avengers: Escape In Time, Nigel Robinson, England.

Front Covers

Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee on the cover of the TV Times, January 67.
TV Times January 19 1967

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