The Avengers Season Five (1967)

Episode Eleven: Epic
TX: March 31 1967


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Punch, 12 April, page 539, Criticism: Television, Review of 'Epic', J. E. Hinder, England.
In a series such as The Avengers (ABC) confident flamboyance is essential.   In its prosperous old age the programme seemed to have lost this, but the other week something of the old panache returned in Epic by Brian Clemens.  Here ex-movie-director Z. Z. Von Schnerk (Kenneth J. Warren), resembling a crazy Von Stroheim, kidnaps Mrs Peel to star in a homicidal, all-purpose epic.  This is made up of a bit of Bergman, sundry fragrant memories of Scarface and horse-opera and a final Hammer-blow of Gothic horror featuring a circular saw.  Peter Wyngarde and Isa Miranda enjoyed themselves with thirteen disguises apiece.   This is the way I should like to remember The Avengers, when Macnee has handed in his bowler and Miss Rigg her mini-skirt, after vengeance is finally theirs.

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